No Matt, it didn't seem anything, it was real. The headcam footage of the suspect killing the dog and officer being stabbed in the face will be released. You'll eat your nasty and snarky words.


Matt - are you seriously defending a thief who stabbed and killed a dog? Honestly? What kind of psycho stabs and kills a dog? That's worse than stabbing a human (but then again, I like dogs way more than humans). What makes you want to defend every psycho homeless drug abuser in Seattle?


@3, you, or anyone else, would try to stab and kill a dog if it was viciously attacking you. It’s called “survival instinct.”


"Seattle police killed a fleeing suspect yesterday."
Because adding flying lead and dead bodies to any crime scene is always the desired outcome.


3 The whole point sailed miles over your head, there dude.


Wow people really hate it when old ugly assed neon things get taken down in this town


"Yesterday it emerged that Seattle Police engaged in a coordinated disinformation campaign, spreading lies about fake threats to the community."

Screams for an EXTERNAL investigation.


The lesson to be learned is don't run away from the police. And don't stab their dog. Why did he have a knife on him? I guess at least it wasn't a gun. I would hope the police would be better able to disable the suspect, like shoot him in the knee or shoulder or something, rather than a kill shot. Police need better training on the use of non-lethal force.


"Who are you rooting for on this season of Drag Race...?"



The cognitive dissonance of TS writers and posters on this board on anything related to the police is truly amazing to read on a daily basis. I'd ask why the suspect was trying to break into a home armed with a knife and a machete that led to the homeowner calling the police to begin with but I'm sure you would all just tell me it was crime of poverty and that the homeowner is a NIMBY who has a bias against machete wielding, dog killers.


@9: When the suspect stabs someone in the face, an immediate kill shot is as appropriate as a floral centerpiece.


I know this is probably not as controversial as the police but while Matt is droning on about the SCC transportation committee this is a good time to mention that Councilmember Lewis is going to hold a lot of sway in the upcoming session. If you look at the committees there are 3 big ones where it would appear he holds the swing vote. The budget committee and public safety committee both have Mosqueda/Herbold and Peterson/Nelson who are likely to vote in a bloc and then the renters rights committee has a Sawant/Morales and Nelson/Juarez split. There are fairly large issues that will be decided in those committees (rent control, continued reallocation of public safety budgets, police accountability legislation) and Lewis appears to hold the keys. If one had any journalistic instincts they may reach out to him for an interview to see where he stands on some of those key issues.


@4 Do you regularly carry a knife with you to stab dogs? Do most people? Psycho.

@6 you're kinda special aren't you? And not in the good way.


9 "The lesson to be learned is don't run away from the police."
Fascism has really found its home in your heart.


14 You are really dumb, and in a very funny way.


@16 At least I'm amusing rather than preachy and sanctimonious. Thanks babe.


People who blindly defend the actions of those in power risk becoming accomplices to abusers.


Wow, Matt, you've outdone yourself here -- but you can do even better!

"Police were called to what they claim was a home break-in". You think they made the whole thing up, just so they could charge up the hill, pick somebody out, struggle with him and shoot him? Then spell it out:

"People who claim they are the Police claim they were called to what they claim was a home break-in, and claim they saw what they claim was a man they claim they believed to be responsible running away from what they claim was the scene. ... etc ... etc."

If you know up from down, you know cops don't always tell the truth. But if you assume (and without plausible alternative explanation) that everything is a lie, you are simply lost in your own reality-shifting brain fog.


@12 agree. @15, disagree, and I'm usually one of the first to play the F-card with regards to the police. I am almost 100% anti-cop, but I am very pro self defense.

I will be happy to admit I'm wrong if it turns out this is more lying from the police. And I don't think burglary should be a death sentence. I don't think running from police should be a death sentence.

But once you start attacking someone, all bets are off. I would hope every citizen would defend themselves and their pets as best as they can from some violent nutjob.

Matt, it's okay to condemn condemnable people from time to time. It doesn't ruin your progressive street cred.


All these people who are crying about a dog trained to maul and maim getting killed in self defense would be the first to seek civil recompense from a pit bull attack and send that dog to be put down, as if the guy just approached an innocent dog and stabbed it apropos of nothing.

I love dogs but this is just such intellectually irresponsible conjecture and stupidity on display, per yuʒ.


Yo crazy people. Matt was pointing out that by visualizing the stated police narrative regarding the shooting they describe a scenario where an second officer came upon a dead officer dog and a first human officer engaged in close contact struggle with the suspect and pulled out their sidearm and shot and killed the suspect while managing the avoid shooting his comrade one imagines a very unlikely happening. This does seem difficult to visualize as it so damn hard to hit a target with precision with a handgun and even harder when you are super activated so the likelihood it went down as described is very low. I suspect there is something to add between the second officer encountering the struggle and ending it with their sidearm, something like the first officer separating from the suspect is incredibly likely.

Along the lines of police should use less lethal methods first, do you mean things like voice commands and K-9 units? Also anyone aiming for a kneecap will be very unlikely to hit a kneecap with a hand gun. For guns one must aim for center mass to have any chance of hitting the target at all. I think the answer to this might not involve better use of guns but rather less use.

So there you go. He won’t have to eat any words because he simply pointed out that the current narrative does not make sense when you visualize it given how unlikely it is the second officer would point his firearm at another cop.

Also even if they weren’t lying liars we as a free society are required to question official narratives. It’s what keeps us ‘free’ whatever the fuck that means.


Are not police dogs trained to bite and restrain, but not to kill? Sure, it can be a minor detail when you're on the receiving end. Nevertheless, most bury their head in the ground and yell to stop. Within seconds it's typically over. I wouldn't be surprised if the guy was on PCP.


Also chill with the demagoguery and universal quantifiers. Our constitution obliges us provide for the common defense, so until we have Minority Report social credit thoughtcrime down pat, or peace on earth and infinite resources and a population in equilibrium, we are going to have to continue to hire people who are willing to put themselves in harm's way.

Unfortunately, the current system serves property owners and oppresses the poor and aggravates the social challenges our society faces. It is bad for cops too, as the role of the oppressor is its own ball and chain in an endless tournament of connect 4 meets squid game, so those property owners can rest easy and make their money disconnected from risk.

There can be no peace, progress, or happiness in a world where the undesirables are thrown away. We need to evolve our way of life and police forces, not demonize every cop that ever existed in a self-fulfilling prophecy of hatred that will only push them to extremism and false empowerment through jackboot authoritarianism. Who will defend the defenseless, you?


" how much of this story do you believe?"

Well, in light of the fact that a K9 was stabbed to death and an officer stabbed in the face, I believe the suspect was indeed carrying a knife, and intended to do harm. Was there some uncertainty about this aspect of the story?


@23: The the last paragraph of @20 also applies to you.


Local police and capitol police are apples and oranges, but without the men and women who defended Congress a year ago, Trump would have never left office and we would all be under siege in their place.


@25: Awesome first and last paragraphs, but not the middle.


Great points D-13, it will be interesting to see how the dynamic on the SCC changes.
It sure seems like Gonzalez was a toxic influence. Replacing her with a rational business leader can only improve the culture.
And both Lewis and O’Strauss are now in the middle with Sawant, Mosqueda, Morales, and Herbold on one side and Nelson, Juarez, and Pedersen in the other.

I’m hoping the NJP faction can start steering the council back to sanity.

And this is a perfect example of why I’m looking forward to a switch to Disqus.

I have no interest in commenting about the shooting incident and it’s sad that D13’s interesting comment is lost in that cluster of comments.


@32 By "toxic" you mean "counter to my preferences", right?


Those who are least fearful should be most revered. Leaders, in fact, must be more afraid of inflicting harm than of suffering harm themselves. This is what causes them to be revered. This is the benevolent and noble sort of fear leaders possess: to be afraid on behalf of those they govern, and so to remain vigilant and keep their constituents from harm, "just as dogs keep careful watch over flocks in the pen. When they've heard a stouthearted wild beast,' they act not in their own interest but on behalf of those they are protecting." ~Plutarch

There can be no public safety when dogs die to protect their masters to obfuscate truth and justice.


@33: Sure, but you wouldn't quibble about the use of the adjective by Matt Baume or any other staffer.


Not at all. I disagree with Mosqueda but don’t find her toxic.

As far as I know she doesn’t vilify people who disagree with her.

Being a politician requires building consensus. It requires an ability to work with people who disagree with you and find common ground.

Gonzalez showed no interest in that. She had a us against them attitude and if she deemed you one of them she would refuse to work with or even acknowledge you.


"At least I'm amusing"

You greatly over estimate your talent.


"not to investigate or prosecute anyone, ... that investigation is still plugging along"
So they're not investigating anyone or anything but their investigation continues? Do any of you ever proofread? This isn't your diary, it's journalism.


The police didn't "claim" that it was a break-in, the story that you link to clearly says that someone called 911 saying that a man with a knife was breaking into their home. They were responding to what they were told was a break-in.

Which brings up the idea that maybe K9 units shouldn't be released on suspects the police have been told have weapons.


@36: I stand corrected - Gonzalez was indeed toxic. We all recall she had to apologize for playing a convoluted sexual harassment card in the campaign by blaming Harrell for giving former mayor Murray respectful comments during the scandal.


I hope the SPD never releases a statement like “We always lie”, as the exploding heads at The Stranger would be very messy.


I would agree Gonzales style of leadership was toxic. She was very much in the same vein as Murray who had a reputation of holding grudges and seeking retribution on people who opposd his policies. I think that unfortunately seems to be a fairly common trait for career politicians who have an eye on bigger office as Lorena definitely did.

I do think it’s interesting as well Mosqueda withdrew from consideration for council president. As Budget chair she would have had an inside track. I wonder if she saw how the president title hurt Gonzales more than helped and passed on it so as not to damage her future aspirations? I think Juarez will be a good president as she clearly won’t be looking to promote herself for a future run at something else. In fact she prob will retire in 2023.


I think all Washingtonians owe a debt of gratitude to Jay Inslee for running for a third term. That decision kept Bob Ferguson as the Attorney General, which prevented M. Lorena Gonzalez from running for Attorney General. A race which she may have won in 2020.

Hopefully now MLG will get some six-figure job with a non-profit somewhere, write a book, and never hold another political office.


The death of the dog is regrettable, but dogs are expendable. Police are not. And if you're trying to stab a cop in the face with a knife, don't be surprised when you're killed by a cop.


@44. Dog lives matter!


@45 Look, nobody is happy about the death of the brave dog. He did his job and was probably a boon companion to the K9 cop. But he did his job, and his handler is alive because of it. That's why he was there.


Fuck this "brave dog" shit. If the dog was a victim of anyone, it was the police. Who says they have to weaponize dogs and horses? Just be your usual cowardly cop selves and shoot people instead of using animals to maul and stomp. After all, it's been shown again and again you can get away with straight-up murder. All you have to say is "I was a-scared!"


All right, you want radical capitalism in action? Compete for total survival like superheroes not human shields like chumps who can't see the bottom until it falls out beneath you. 🌿 ge 4theVerbiage grand cru you know heezy fsheezy
And that's a garblar


Paw patrol paw patrol
Whenever youre in trouble
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be there on the double
Rider needs us!
Haha look at that team of pups
Conditioning our children into
Murdering our soul brothers and sisters and beyond
For a speck of the eons of comfort and convenience
We have abandoned our posts for virtual slavery
We must tend to our world and protect our genetics from mental slavery through righteous virtue and simply consult our notes from civics and dare to believe in ourselves as much as the most admired peer you have with equal consult consent and respect.


I mean can we please advance the tech tree beyond animal husbandry ffs
I was promised shadowrun
I want my money back
Where are the robot dawgs to terk mah jerb


@50: Be careful what you wish for, you of all people should realize that. Ultra-fast police robot assistants with precision take downs coming soon!


@51. I will never buy another Microsoft product for as long as I live.


See ya wouldn't wanna be ya!!



@52: More likely from Amazon.


Oh, for fuck's sake: "Police — currently the sole source of information about the incident"? That's what cops do. The press is supposed to inform the public of the counter narrative, exactly what The Stranger has been failing to do for well over a year -- complete abandonment of of journalistic ethics. Here is what The Stranger does: waits for official state news sources (Seattle Times) to report the official findings of state agencies (OPA, OIG, & CPC). Here is what The Stranger doesn't do: any investigative work on police accountability or even report on others independent investigations, like, for example, the 17 stories during 2021 from Carolyn Bick at the South Seattle Emerald:


I think Matt Baume should be required to sit quietly and watch the body-worn camera video of this dog's murder on a loop for a good eight hours or so. Say what you will about SPD and use of force issues over the years, but in this instance, they should have fired on that suspect before the dog was even released.

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