This Week in Worker Conquests: SAM's Visitor Service Officers Unionize, UW Researchers Unite, and Is Anybody Missing the Mariners?



At least the Mariners finished 18 games over .500!
Washington state was referenced as 'the 47 states and the soviet of Washington' many decades ago. With that progressive history, it's great to see workers organizing for better working conditions!


solidarity fellow seattle union workers. Really happy to see labor news back in rotation rather than a special interest story.


Love that this is a formal thing now at The Stranger. Please keep it up!!!!


Great idea. And I imagine this will help drive clicks as it seems perfect to set off the conservatrolls addicted to paying your bills.


Antioch University Seattle faculty has been unionized for a few years now, but over the holidays our other campuses (New England, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and "online") voted to join us as SEIU members as well. And there was plenty of union-busting going on from our "leadership," including outright lies about the results of unionizing here. Perhaps they shouldn't have tried to cut everyone's retirement benefits to zero overnight - guess which campus managed to successfully push back and keep our (union-bargained) contributions?