Slog AM: Kicking Off the Legislative Session with COVID, Snoqualmie Pass Reopens, and Teslas Now Feature an "Assertive" Mode



good thing despair isn't contagious bc this country would be so fucked if it was


«Now it’s easier than ever for your car to crash for you.»

This time, money and effort should be devoted to eliminating the need for cars.
Instead these bozos are creating the exact same 20th Century product but with new and stupid, stupid tricks.


The 24 year old gun shot victim has now died from his injuries. Is "mischief" really the word we want to use to describe the continued violence in the south end? I get Matt and the TS want to do all they can to undermine public safety but trivializing yet another victim of gun violence is repugnant.


According to the article you shared, death by overdose/alcohol surged by 600 in 2020, which is far lower than the surge of 3K+ who died from a novel respiratory contagion. Although the article notes deaths by suicide declined [!] in 2020, for reasons the author does not justify, those numbers are nonetheless used to pad the baseline by analyzing "deaths of despair", even though the excess deaths they report are exclusively "deaths by overdose."

Typically, when you're looking at changes in an outcome over time, you subtract out the baseline first, because the net change is the relevant statistic. But if you do, it's hard to push an agenda that a few hundred people dying because they don't have anyone around to administer Narcan is worse than a few thousand people dying from a virus they caught at work or the grocery store.

Ironically, many of the same people pushing this agenda don't otherwise give a shit about people who suffer from addiction. Many of them in fact believe it's for the best when these people die from it. These people probably also think all the covid deaths of people with comorbidities like obesity and diabetes are also for the greater good, which is why they line up behind the agenda that we should simply pretend the pandemic is over and get on with our lives. Many of these people also self-identify as 'pro-life' and have uttered the words 'all lives matter' unironically.

In summary, there really is one born every minute, and many of them are assholes.


@4: "So in that sense it is contagious"

We're dealing with an actual deadly virus. Isn't that enough? So weary of the mindset of laymen pundits who extrapolate aggregated data into junk science to upstage COVID-19 for their selfish pursuit of click bait and notoriety.


I agree mischief is an unfortunate choice of words when people are getting shot & killed but the standard progressive left / stranger staffer stance on guns has never been to trivialize them


I'd like to tell you it will get better.

But if you mean over the next 12 weeks?


Get fully vaccinated and boosted. Wear your masks properly. If they give you an N95 mask, use it properly (that means shaving off your beard and covering your nose and not whining, guys).


By the way, proper mask fit does allow you to have a moustache and a soul patch, just pay attention to where the mask fits.


@11: NPI?


I know exactly why the “data nerd” misrepresented the numbers, and when you share his poorly reasoned pseudo-scientific “research” you are pushing his agenda. Whether you’re aware of what you’re doing is beside the point.


Npi = non pharmaceutical intervention (lockdowns, masks, distancing) & they have saved far more lives than they have endangered


@12. You know, fresh blood.


Buddy the numbers are right in front of you. You cited them!

Even with NPIs the excess deaths by OD & traffic accidents are a fraction of the people who died from covid. If you had no NPI there would have been even more covid deaths than we had — plus even more preventable deaths due to the ensuing hospital collapse, which would itself result in more OD & traffic fatalities — & the existing covd stats are already in vast excess of OD & traffic, so we don’t need to speculate about counterfactuals when the real world numbers you already cited prove my point.


@17: Yep, getting help for the pour soul who lost their partner when their house burned down and fell into drug addition and alcoholism must be provided concurrently as the fire department is hosing down the fire.


I thought Bob Saget played the sex predator mayor on Veronica Mars, but that was Steve Guttenberg, which explains why I could not find any clips of him as Mayor Woody. But Saget was one awesome villain on Law and Order SVU. So if you want to see him outside of Full House without swears, look for him showing off his dramatic chops.


@8 their standard response may not be to trivialize guns however they do tend to downplay crime statistics and violence because the natural reaction is we need to increase public safety resources and they are firmly entrenched in the pseudo science that says police actually cause crime. Of course that is not true and while they continue to shout into the wind BIPOC community members continue to get killed.


@15 is sadly incorrect. It delayed spread at the beginning, which allowed us to tool up factories to pump out vaccines masks etc, but as you can tell the later variants just spread like wildfire, because there was lots and lots of flammable brush that had been growing without vaccination (removal by spot fires aka vaccines).

It's all on The Former Guy. And his enablers.


@11: It turns out that the increase in murders is very likely due to an increase in—get this—guns! Who’d a thunk it??



If only rather than shut down schools and businesses for COVID lite our extra layer of mitigation could be any unvaccinated COVIDiot who would qualify for hospital admission during non spike/surge times gets instead a referral for home oxygen and a FaceTime/telehealth check in every 2-3 days.

Our concern, as a society, at this point is about protecting access to healthcare for everyone (not just unvaccinated COVID people who are hogging all the care) as this version is annoying to anyone vaxxed at best.


@13 "We need to measure and evaluate each based on scientifically measured outcomes"

We can't, because we are talking about social science here. There is no parallel universe where the U. S. focused on trying to cheer people up during the pandemic, while ignoring the health costs. It is hard to see how that would help anyway. It is depressing as fuck to see hospitals overflowing, and people dying. It is especially depressing to health care workers, and their loved ones. It is also depressing when you can't get a routine procedure done, because the hospitals are overflowing. Ailments that could easily have been treated prior to the pandemic -- and could have been treated during the pandemic if we were more aggressive in dealing with it -- grow into bigger, more depressing problems. Then you have human behavior that would be the same either way. Lots of people left service jobs not because of what the government did, but because they didn't want to catch COVID (or spread it to their loved ones).

News that lots of people died from despair along with COVID just shows how fucked our governmental and societal response was. With a more sensible approach -- lead by experts who weren't second guessed by dumbshits -- would have lead to a lot fewer deaths of both types. But with millions of selfish dumbshits in this country, we got the fucked up response we are still enduring.


@26: A pipe dream that will never happen because of medical, legal, practical, and ethical reasons on a multitude of levels.


@2 blip for the WIN!!

@3 Yeshua: "Now it's easier for your car to crash for you."
Holy SHIT! What are these idiots thinking??
And people wonder why my beloved VW and I stay off I-5.

@23 schmacky: +1 Spot ON

Rest in peace, Bob Saget. I'm wondering about his cause of death at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes, Florida. At 65, he went too young.


@28: Nobody has the right to put public health and safety into peril, Elmer, not Orange Turd or even you. And NOBODY is above the law.


@30: huh? I didn't say that. Grizzled old bat!


Since when does The Stranger care if anything is “SFW?”


@32 You imply it every time you label anyone's responsible handling of the COVID pandemic a "pipe dream", you slowly dribbling old MAGA fart.