Klippert was one of three GOP Reps who attended the MyPillow guys election fraud conference this summer, though a spokesperson for the guard said he knew of no connection between the retirement and the conference.
Klippert was one of three GOP Reps who attended the MyPillow guy's election fraud conference this summer, though a spokesperson for the guard said he knew of no connection between the retirement and the conference. WA LEG

Washington State Guard Colonel Brad Klippert, known on this blog primarily for screaming about anal sex on the House floor in his capacity as a Republican State House Rep. from the 8th Legislative District, will retire from his post at the end of this month. He was appointed commander in August of 2016 after working for nearly 29 years in the guard before that.

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Klippert's direct supervisor, Brigadier General Johan Deutscher, directed him to retire in a memo dated Dec 9, 2021. In that memo, Deutscher told Klippert that he'd reached the maximum age of service according to state law (64 years), that he had not submitted a request for a one-year extension of his position (valid up to 68 years of age), and that the general was not "inclined to support approval of such requests for members of the WSG at this time" anyway.

When asked if Klippert wanted to keep serving as commander, in a text he said, "I want what's best for the Washington State Guard, the citizens of WA state and the USA 🇺🇸. I have served in public service or over 30 years. It's not about me!"

According to a spokesperson for the Washington National Guard, COVID-19 concerns account for the general's inclination not to approve one-year service extensions for people over 64. I asked the guard for the number of people over 64 who work there, and I'll update this post when I hear back.

Now that he's no longer commander of the WSG, Klippert can't directly undermine the reputation of the guard's cyber security election teams by actively and enthusiastically participating in activities that promote Donald Trump's big lie, which seems like a positive development.

As the Seattle Times reported last week, Washington taxpayers partially funded Klippert's summer 2021 trip to MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell's "election security" conference in South Dakota, where guests were treated to a three-day event "rife with debunked conspiracy theories." GOP House Reps Robert Sutherland (Granite Falls) and Vicki Kraft (Vancouver) joined him at the conference, and we paid for their hotels and flights, too.

Klippert told YakTriNews that he took "got extremely valuable information" at the conference and "took pages and pages of notes."

Over the phone, he said he had not read Washington's latest election security assessment report, nor had he been "officially briefed" on it, though he had heard "bits and pieces of it" through "phone conversations and stuff." In any event, he said he didn't share any of that information with anyone at the MyPillow guy's election fraud conference, and he "wasn't even aware of the content" of such a report when he attended the event.

A spokesperson for the Washington Federation of State Employees confirmed that one of the union's locals wrote a letter demanding Klippert’s removal as commander, but the union as a whole hadn't taken a position on the issue.

Neither Klippert nor a spokesperson for the Washington National Guard connected the retirement decision to Klippert's attendance at the conference. The January timeframe for his departure allowed him to say goodbye to his troops, which Klippert said he did in their final formation over the weekend.

With the deputy commander position currently vacant, Command Sergeant Major Richard Stickney will assume the role of commander.

Meanwhile, Klippert will continue to push bills in the Legislature, such as one to end voting by mail. He'll also continue his primary challenge against U.S. House Rep. Dan Newhouse in the 4th Congressional District.

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