If there was ever an agency that needed defunding...


The Washington National Guard spokesman was probably like why the hell are you calling us, this dude is being mandatory retired from the Washington State Guard.

C’mon Rich, you can do better.


“ Now that he's no longer commander of the WSG, Klippert can't directly undermine the reputation of the guard's cyber security election teams”

To add to my comment above, the State Guard plays no role in election cyber security, that’s a responsibility of the National Guard.

Throughout the article you seem to be mixing up Klipperts job as the State Guard commander, a hokey organization of 100ish unpaid volunteers, with the Washington National Guard.

Recommend doing a better job researching your articles before publishing.


I had never heard of the wsg before, I am glad the commenters here pointed out it is not the national guard


Hey, Brad--do all us women and girls everywhere a big favor and get your numb nuts Klippert!


Klippert serves many masters: Pentecostal preacher, school resource officer, commander of the state guard, state representative, and flies the Israeli flag at his desk in the legislative chamber. With so many things he's dipping into, how does he keep so many masters pleased?

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