Nightlife Jan 11, 2022 at 9:45 am

I am once again asking... Is SoDo Seattle's new party neighborhood???



Sodo is apparently bellevue's new party neighborhood by the looks of this corny bs. We're going to be stuck with krem/timbre's depressing ass rave caves as the only prayer left for techno in this city.


"Non-stop parties"? "Nightclub crowds"? How dare you!? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE!?

Nothing wrong with a normie nightlife district by the stadiums. Good zoning and great package. That is, when the time comes. But as much as impatient or ignorant folks want their Old Normal back, this is a three year pandemic, thanks in part to the same impatience and ignorance.


It’s gonna be interesting if a club scene can get a good foothold down there in time for the pandemic to end and the East Link to open, two events that are on track to happen more or less simultaneously. 2024 in SODO could be lit for the bridge and tunnel crowd!

You know, if you’re into that.


Matt, if you are asking: Is SoDo the new party neighborhood you're already late to the party.

Of course it is. Capitol Hill has played itself out..... CHOP, Crime, Homelessness, Degraded Streets, Parking & Traffic Nightmare, NIMBY ... and general sense of malaise.

Even the crowd has left the hill.


Putting nightlife on Occidemtal/1st ave S makes sense- but walking there from lnk light rail is still a slog. SoDo needs more transformation to be pedestriam friendly.

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