Slog PM: Harrell Extends Moratorium, Cops Continue to Put the B in ACAB, and Machine Gun Kelly Gives Weirdos Hope with Engagement to Megan Fox



Dagumitall, Hannah--you keep bringing it. Good job.


When SPD was referring to "Proud Boys roaming the streets of Seattle" they were obviously referring to themselves.


@Hannah! lolz “Not sure what it is about these men, but honestly, it's probably just that they text back quickly.”


MGK is a pedophile, Megan Fox says bi girls are "dirty", and they're both racists, but sure, use up column inches on gossip about trash.


BWNW might need blood but good luck getting an appointment with them before February


Congrats for doing what no one believed possible: breaking The Strangers one-full-fucking-year prohibition on citing Carolyn Bick's investigative pieces in the South Seattle Emerald on police accountability failures (or doing any critical reporting on police accountability) at the 366 days mark. See Bick's a compendium of her articles -- and what The Stranger worked super hard to ignore -- here: .

Now, how about sharing -- cuz there's no fucking hope you'll do you own investigative journalism -- other horrifying facts about our police accountability system like this , and this , and all of this ?


"No, I just casually set up all these HD cameras around the place and made sure we'd be standing in center frame so that we could remember the moment. It is totally not a sham marriage to boost our respective careers, I swear! I really love nu-Morticia!" - albino Beetlejuice.


@7 - good call...


@9. Ok boomer


Machine Gun Kelly’s engagement to Megan Fox gives (6’ 4” white cis male famous rich) weirdos hope.


"Proud Boys, Proud Boys, what you gonna do? What you gonna do when the cops Lie that they're coming for you because the cops are BIG LIARS"


"KUOW dug into what happened when the right-wing occupied a street in Snohomish – spoiler: it resulted in a documentary."

To be fair, didn't a certain horse incident in Enumclaw also result in a documentary?


@12: You almost wrote a parody of the song intro to COPS.


@12: +1 Thanks, Will. Your song parody from Cops caught my attention.
I have this verse refrain to add, based on the 1993 TV theme song lyrics by Inner Circle:

Proud Boys, Proud Boys, whatcha gonna do--
When your fellow anti-vaxxers breathe on you?
QAnon, QAnon, whatcha gonna do
When your MAGA rally turns COVID zoo?
SPD, SPD, whatcha gonna do
When the citizens lose all their faith in you?
NRA, NRA, whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do when you lose Civil War II?
GOP, GOP, whatcha gonna do--
When your criminal paranoia catches up with you?

Seriously, folks--the world can't wait much longer for democracy and global sanity to be restored.