Hahaha. Melt the guns. Far more likely you will be the one who melts.


Poking fun at the pig transplant guy is heartless and inhuman.


@2 wins the SLOG PM. Might was well close the comments, no one is going to top that.



You (kind of) saved yourself with the "I don't mean to be glib" about the student loan forgiveness, but wtactualf is this:

"Sorry dude... Shouldn't have been buddies with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Meanwhile, the sexual assault case against the Prince is moving forward."

Sorry dude? Meanwhile??? FFS we're talking about SEXUAL ASSAULT. Of a minor. Dayum.


@1: Still clutching pearls over what's left of your smoldering gun arsenal, Swifty? Tsk tsk. That's what you get for making recall election bets and having Elmer as your roomie.

Go, SuperBob, GO!!!! Hooray fro student loan debt forgiveness.

Here's an idea, Chase: burn all NRA guns and dismember all GOP shrooms.
Democracy and what's left of the Earth is saved! WA-HOOOO!!!!


I miss Dan, I miss chatting on his page . Now. Couple of people talk, on whatever that weird format is. Some kid made it up who has no idea what benefits internet conversations can be to humans. No musings on that format. Boring as fuck.


I had free University, so this debt stuff sounds terrifying. And I went to two universities, because the first one was a thousand miles from home & other activities became dominant.


@5 Haha, I don't have a smoldering gun arsenal. I didn't vote in any recall, I don't live in Seattle.

Time for your medication.


The SCOTUS ruling makes the US officially ungovernable. We should change our motto from “e pluribus unum” to “fuck off and die.”


@4: Regret about meeting Epstein doesn't negate the seriousness of his crime.


Hey LavaGirl,
If you go to any of Dan's column entries, and type "/comments" after the URL, you can still get to the old comment section. I always check it to see if anyone else is still there. There's no reason to not to keep conversation going there, even if it's a bit empty at first.

For example:



@13: Go do this:



Uh, where exactly the fuck have you been for the past thirty fucking years? Stuck with your head in a fucking hole in the ground? The Stranger has engaged in the "juvenile use if (sic) profanity" since the first fucking issue.


@14. Lol, after you.


it Pains me to see
a man run dry

climb down outta
your Ivory Towers @12
you’re Obviously Over-due for


@8: Oh, that's right, Swifty. I forgot about your illiteracy. I didn't say you actually voted in the bullshit recall election attempt to oust Kshama Sawant, idiot, but that you were making bets on the outcome. I think I'm safe in assuming that you were rooting for Henry Bridger II, amiright?
Haha, then why do you keep bragging about your prized gun collection from the false security of your Bellevue hide-y-hole, Swifty? Despite your claims, like Mitch McConnell's sock puppets Krysten Sinema and Joe Manchin you're not REALLY a Democrat, you just play one on FOX TEEVEE!
Worried about your meds? Here's an idea: get an enema cleanse and lay off the cheap beer, frat boy. Maybe then you and Elmer wouldn't be so consistently full of shit. It's a wonder your flatulence alone doesn't bring the BFD responding on a regular 9-1-1 basis. Fire in the hole!


@18: Heed Blanche's words:


@19: Heed Flo's words, Elmer: Kiss my grits.


@6 LavaGirl for the WIN!! I miss participating in Dan's weekly column discussions, too. Ever since the curious switch to DISQUS I've noticed how lacking the comment threads are, anymore. I wonder if Dan will rethink the new, more privatized, and unfriendly format?

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