Pacific Northwest Ballet Star Noelani Pantastico to Retire After 25 Years



Oh, my god I could have sworn she was either in her 20's or a teenager. She looked so young when I saw her last year's production. She was amazing. I will miss seeing her in more productions.


Six years ago, immediately after seeing Pantastico getting a standing ovation for her performance with PNB, she was on the same Metro 32 as me (the bun gave her away), which I thought was pretty cool because Russell Wilson is certainly not taking the bus home from games.


Congratulations to an amazing dancer. I’ve always enjoyed Ms. Pantastico’s performances. I am disappointed, however, that her swan song will be as Maillot’s Juliette. You called the ballet “bawdy.” It is a choreographed celebration of toxic masculinity. The first time I saw PNB perform it live I was immediately so uncomfortable with the way the men treated the women. I cried through the last act, not for deaths of the lovers but because of the painful to watch assault on Juliette’s nurse. I tried to watch the ballet again when it was offered via streaming and couldn’t do it. I’mnot arguing that dance (or any art) should never portray an assault (or any other horrible act), but here it is done with a wink and nod to the “boys will be boys” culture that we’re trying so hard to end. Yes, the solos and pas de deux are beautiful, and I hope that is the only reason this is a fan favorite. I say that this version of Romeo and Juliette needs to go away.