COVID is spreading everywhere. I’m not sure it’s news that jails exist in the same plane as the rest of us.


«Yesterday, the state Senate voted unanimously to approve Senate Bill 5148, which would make threatening an election worker a class C felony.»

The big takeaway here is that it is a felony - no guns for people convicted of this crime.
Gun fetishists really hate the 'no guns' part and they represent 100% of the people who threaten election workers.


I think we can all agree that the best thing to do would be to be granted permission to not exist for the next two to three weeks.


The cruelty of locking people up? What about the cruelty of the things they did to get locked up in the first place? Is the non stated suggestion here that we should clear the prisons and let everyone go free so they can protect themselves from Covid? That would almost assuredly result in more deaths from an increase in criminal violence. While the case rates are crazy the data continues to show if you are vaxxed and boosted the hospital and death rates are negligible.


4 - Is it "trolling"? Whatever - irritating and unprofessional.


So the Cure is a band... had this good song called 'Boys Don't Cry' which could be worth listening to - title of same was also used for an epic late-1990s movie featuring Hilary Swank and Chloe Sevingy ...


@4: so, you're not a prison abolitionist, then? quelle suprise.


@4 They never let "everyone" go free. How it usually works in practice is they let the white inmates go free, so the inmates of color can social-distance more easily. Many, many lives have surely been saved by this enlightened policy.


Not everyone in jail is a violent offender. Inmates who are not a public safety or fleeing risk should be placed under house arrest until these outbreaks are under control.



There's a pretty easy way to clean N95/KN95 masks:


@13, well, there's the guards and other staff to think about.


Get N95 masks here:


@7 anyone who says they are abolitionist is an idealist. It would be great if we didn't have a need for prisons but the reality is there are predators among us. Maybe they are victims themselves or there is something innate in their mind. I don't know but there comes a point where the safety of the community outweighs the needs of the individual and they need to be put removed from society to avoid causing further harm against others and themselves.

@9 Haven't those inmates already been released? Remember when we did a big purge at the start of the pandemic for this very reason? Seeing as KC and Seattle haven't been arresting low level offenses much less prosecuting them over the last couple of years I would suspect those in lock up currently were convicted of more than crimes of poverty and low level offenses.

I don't think there is any chance the jails will be shut down or that violent offenders are going to be freed but the notion that putting people in jail is cruel is absurd.


Doesn’t sound like it’s only violent criminals in jail rn:

“In a phone interview, [corrections officer and guild president] Folk later clarified that bookings should be further restricted to people arrested for allegedly committing violent crimes or crimes requiring mandatory arrest, such as driving under the influence and domestic-violence assault”

Jail is not necessarily cruel but the conditions can be, like when a virus is freely circulating and the facilities are short-staffed, which are the chief complaints of the rep for the workers who are calling for the shutdown.



"... there comes a point where the safety of the community outweighs the needs of the individual..." Not according to the MAGAts, the anti-vaxxers, the conspiracy theorists, and six members of the U.S. Supreme Court...


@17 I'm not saying being in jail right now is great but letting those guys out would undoubtedly be worse. I guess when one of them shoots someone or robs a store we can always tell the victim, hey at least they are safe from Covid! Seriously, if you have a better solution that improves prison safety that doesn't also endanger innocent lives I'd love to hear it.

@18 Comte, your tin foil hat is on too tight again. I have no idea what you are even going on about right now. I'm assuming this is some sort of Covid thing? Last time I checked the vax mandates were completely legal and justified. The private biz one I think you are referring to from the SC is more about fed power vs state power than public health. Biden overreached even if his intentions were correct. Only the states have the ability to issue those types of mandates to private biz.


@13 While, like you, I have little concern for convicts serving time, I have to recognize that an outbreak at the jail affects more than just convicted criminals.

There's correction workers, and staff, lawyers and judges, and those inmates awaiting trial. Last I checked this is still the USA and those awaiting trial are still considered innocent until proven guilty.

I have no problem locking criminals away from society, but we really need to figure out a way to segregate those awaiting trial from those serving sentences.


@4, @16, and @19: You have GOT stop hanging out with Swifty and Elmer.


@21. Birds of a feather and all that rot


@11 Do you even ride transit? The policy you cited has already been in effect on local buses since–I don't know–forever?

I do ride transit in King County regularly. I’ve never seen a problem with pets on the bus.

And yes, the policy has been relaxed in a few cases. Like the dog who reportedly used to ride the bus by itself to the local dog park. You demonstrate kind and responsible behavior you should get extra privileges. Unlike you with comments only of condemnation borne of rumor, not actual experience.


21 and 22 are too immature to actually contribute an opinion on the subject being discussed.


@22 Garb Garblar: Yep. And all hiding in the same fart charred MAGA tree fort headquarters, too.

@24: Gee---look who's trolling! Go stare into your bathroom mirror, Elmer. I'd be laughing my ass off if you and all your MAGA ilk weren't so terminally Orange Turd-washed.


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@26 - My bad. Obviously a stupid question.


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