Do they not understand that people under 18 have a .00002% hospitalization rate for Covid and even lower death rate?


Really not getting the “hilarity” of the sign about getting laid/head.

Kids are getting it more now- hospitalized are mainly the unvaccinated with Covid. Hospitalizations up since omicron started sweeping through.


@2 guesty:+1

I can't imagine being a parent of public school aged children, especially in the third year of COVID and with Omicron being so contagious. Keep up the good fight Cleveland, Garfield, and Lincoln High schoolers! Asking for N-95 masks, on-campus COVID testing sites and treatment centers is not asking too much. SPS do your job--vaccinate as well as educate your kids! Everyone stay healthy and safe.


@4: Correction: Add to the list of SPS schools protesting: Franklin High School.
Keep up the good fight and stay healthy, everyone.


@1 Not sure where you got that number, current data shows 0.1%–1.6% of infected children have been hospitalized. Much lower than that of adults, but since children tend to live with adults and attend schools run by adults...


I guess that sign is cute but how does in person internet trolling using misogynistic concepts that I thought the kids knew were played out and tired help school administrators and the rest of us take them seriously?

If it were funny that’s one thing, but it is just sad and mean. The world sucks because bitches don’t be sucking dick and office workers are tired weaklings.

I guess I’m getting old as I full on don’t get it.

Get off my lawn.


While I didn’t make the sign in question I am the one holding it and I did write the original comment it’s copied off of. I wouldn’t expect anyone over the age of 25 to think it’s funny. its not a serious comment on sps staffs virginity. the implication is supposed to be they are doing a horrible job (they are) and the joke is that the reason they are doing a horrible job is they get no bitches. literally everyone in that photo is genderqueer we drove to that queer ass protest in my queer ass truck and i honestly do not give a fuck what you terfs think is funny. old people really think sex is important and they shame us for it in all sorts of ways i think it’s hilarious to do it back to them. i don’t care if you take us seriously you are old and we will replace you soon enough hopefully gender will die with you.


@10: We may be old, but we’ve still got another 40 or 50 years before we croak. By that time, you’ll be old yourself! YOU’RE STUCK WITH US FOREVER! Muah ha ha ha ha!


@11: i genuinely enjoyed this comment thank you. old in this case is referring to more of a mentality than a real physical age.


@12: Thank you, that’s very gracious of you. I look forward to the day your generation and your values take over the entire world.


@10 genderqueers for more bitches!!! Hope to see the queer ass truck at the next protest against rape culture at SPS bitch!


@14: the queer ass truck will be at every event if can bitch

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