This Week in Worker Conquests: Tensions Rise at Starbucks, Biden Takes Hanford Workers to Court, and Teamsters Striking All Over the Place



Terrific roundup. Let's make this at least a weekly feature. Thank you, Stranger.


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Indulgence is borne on the shoulders of the meek and just


Seems to me now would be a good time for the Stranger staff to organize. You're all working yourselves ragged to keep that boat afloat – and kudos to you all – but don't miss the opportunity to build a better one. Money, meet mouth.


...or Starbucks could simply choose not to have store on Capitol Hill. Why invest in this part of the city.

It would appear the local inhabitants hates businesses in general, consider their existence to be oppressive of the common working stiff. If memory serves, wasn't it Starbucks, who had their windows broken out repeatedly during the protests all over the hill and downtown.

Starbucks should simply move off the hill to other places (Bellevue perhaps) and open more stores where they are appreciated and the local inhabitants are more agreeable.

Abandon the hill and let the local half wits enjoy vacant boarded up spaces, crime and roving bands of homeless vagrants.


cosigned @1 & @2. great stuff.


Manolitos dear, Starbucks will stay on the hill if there's a market there, even if they have to pay a bit more. That's how Capitalism works.

And really, there's no need to defend Starbucks. No matter how hard you try, it's just not that into you.



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@8 Capital flows to where its most efficient. It is a submission of mine that if another area is available where you don't have crime, vagrants, your windows broken out and a anit-business hostile community, that capital will from from say "Capitol Hill" to "Bellevue".

I think we already saw Starbucks close shop on Broadway. Perhaps the leading edge of things to come.

If I had to lay a small wager, I'd opine you work for a bloated, lethargic governmental agency.... like uh, City Light or Dept. of Health....because they all think like you do.


Having trouble hiring and retaining talent for your enterprise? Pay them more money.

It is a false economy to let your business rot on the vine in an effort to save labor costs.

“…For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction…”

If you overwork and underpay your employees, or force them to work in hazardous situations, like the Hanford example, they will unionize.

As ever more displaced employees move to the street due to low wages and back-breaking medical costs, the veracity of the power of collective bargaining becomes increasing evident.

The Teamsters have an open door policy on membership, and everyone should look into unionizing their workplace to teach these stingy employers like Bezos, the hairy asshole, a powerful lesson in economics and fair play.

Nice to have AG Ferguson aggressively pursuing Hanford worker protections
after Trump, the Orange Orangutang attempted to rescind them, while munching on fast food and getting screwed in the ass by Melania with a strap-on.

Many transgressions against workers can be addressed by union leadership, which reiterates the necessity of employee representation and union membership in the dispute process.


Oh my, did I strike a nerve, Manolitos dear? That's unfortunate.

The Starrbucks store on Broadway and Denny is very much alive and well - you would know that if you read the article - and the company is fighting mightily to keep it non-union, so it must be of some importance to them

(By the way, congratulations on not referencing poop or needles in your little essay. Most of your type are obsessed with that)

Not only is there that Starbucks, there's also the Starbucks roasting thingy just a few blocks away on Pike Street, and one on Olive Way - not to mention those mini-Starbucks that are part of Supermarkets. There's at least three of those on Capitol Hill.

I did get a giggle at you saying that Capitol Hill is an "anti-business hostile community". Have you actually ever been to Capitol Hill? The neighborhood is one of the fastest growing in Seattle - a city that is exploding with growth.

And yes, I work for City Light. Perhaps if you applied yourself and got a degree, instead of being bitter on the internet, you could obtain a professional position as well. It's never too late.


@12 Well if you say so. I'm simply suggesting Starbucks move off the hill completely for the reasons concisely stated. If you think Broadway is "fastest growing" then I guess you never saw it in its hey day.... it was a pure joy. Its a pit and yes its riddled with drugs, depraved, vagrants, poo and needles. (Let's at least be honest on that one)

... Btw...I've lived on capitol hill for 30 years, have two advanced degrees and am thankful I don't suckle at the teet of a bloated government agency. It tends to slow ones mind.


Manolitos dear, how can a fine upstanding, educated individual like you bear living in a hellscape of crime, depraved vagrants, poo, needles, broken windows, and an "out and out anit-business hostile community"?

If you've lived on Capitol Hill for thirty years and own your home, you should be able to easily decamp to Bellevue - especially with all those degrees for the fast-minded you've collected - and rediscover that pure joy you lost all those years ago.

Or are you in some sort of rent-control side deal, or maybe some sort of government housing? If so, there are probably similar accomodations across the lake.


I did leave Capitol Hill, closed my business fo 20 years and sold my house. ....... you are simply struggling with comprehension... a reoccurring problem it would seem.

If you read.... "btw I LIVED" (past tense) Clearly too much time at City Light....has slowed your mind.

We left, other businesses left and are leaving .....and more an more vagrants, homeless, drugs and apathy are arriving daily.

You and I have a very different view of what is joy.


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Oh don't worry about me, Manolitos dear, I was slow long before I started at City Light.

Although I think you're right about the concept of "joy". I'm not a neurotic pantywaist who had to close his business and move away because he couldn't deal with change, and who fetishizes both the past, and large corporations. That's apparently what makes you tick.

I know people like you over in Eastern Washington - Former Puget Sounders who bitch about Seattle, where they made their homes and livelihoods for decades (and to whom they are still dependent because that part of the state is one big welfare program, subsidized by the Puget Sound region and the federal government).

I'd say that on balance, Capitol Hill is better off without people like you.