Slog PM: Only One Protester at NFT Demo, Netflix Bumps Monthly Price, Really Can't Stress This COVID Outbreak in the Jails Thing Enough



My dad loves recalling his too-polite son announcing to house-guests, "I never say shit; I just think shit". That notion describes my response to this bewildernews. Pour one out for me, Rich!!! (and for the once NTK-hating, covid-denying, anti-vax correction officers)



NFTs are stupid.


Dave Meinert, credibly accused of far worse acts than Edouardo Jordan, opens up three restaurants and not a peep from The Stranger, yet the Jordan news leads SLOG PM.


Speaking of poorly attended protests, there were only a half dozen or so people on the leg building steps for The Jay Inslee Citizen’s Arrest Rally. They did not proceed over to the gov's mansion to execute the arrest.


NFTs are so RepubliKKKan. We need to rid the world of both.


Good to see The Stranger wasting three paragraphs on a protest that pulled in one person. Slow news day, kids?

Mentioning a "protest" around any of The Stranger's "reporters" is like "the lure of the siren's song - never what it appears to be but who among us can resist?"


@10 -- Protesting is no different than writing a letter to the editor (which is essentially what we are doing now). The whole point is to raise awareness. Editors used to wade through letters and pick out the good ones. It could be that dozens of people wrote about the same subject, or only one. Yet that particular letter was published, for all to read. It is fundamentally no different than protesting. If a writer decides that a protest has merit, it is quite reasonable to focus on that subject, regardless of how many people protested.

Given the similarity between protesting and comments here, it begs the question: Are you jealous? Do you want a writer for the Stranger to take your comment and put it on the main page? If you think this protest is useless, how useful do you think your comment is?


I too get weirdly upset when a news blog devotes a negligible amount of coverage to something i don’t personally care about


Good point Ross, @ 11.


Wonder if the rumor that the arson at the old Lumberyard bar was an inside job was disproven.


There are lots of reasons you don’t want to end up in jail, we can add covid now. Best advice I have is to do what you can to avoid going to jail…


Step one: Start baseless rumor/conspiracy theory.

Step Two: Maintain baseless rumor/conspiracy theory by "wondering" if anyone else took it seriously to "disprove it."

Step Three: Return to step one.



What are these "three NEW (emphasis mine) restaurants" Meinert has opened? He bought the 40 year old Huckleberry Square in Burien well over a year ago, and to the best of my knowledge and research, he still owns just the 5 Point and the Mecca, which he bought in 2019, and about which The Stranger reported extensively at the time.


@7, Rich Smith wrote these news briefs. Don't feel that you must do so.


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