As a bus driver, I hope you have the ability to raise this issue up the chain at Metro so they can have a resolved with the city/SDOT.


These need to be better regulated. They are basically motorized vehicles. People ride them like morons all over the place, in the middle of the street, on sidewalks. They are a pestilence.


I agree, they are a blight. Can we please drop the charade that scooters are a positive for urban mobility? They are a cheap toy for children and techbros and tourists. Hopefully this fad goes away soon. There's already enough bullshit for pedestrians to have to deal with.


Using the public space as a showroom /warehouse /retail space for private business should at the very least require steep fees imposed by the state. What's more, these "sharing" ventures should be forensically investigated before being given any permit or tender โ€” my guess is they're money laundering mechanisms at base โ€” and both the manner of execution and their product should be fiercely regulated to ensure safety, public welfare, and a level and just playing field for other businesses.

There's a reason these sorts of "disrupter" schemes have spread across the globe like herpes, and it isn't altruistic or "green".


Don't you all know "urbanists" are gods and these toys are their playthings, both to be revered?


I've never had a problem with people riding any of these things, but companies reappropriating bike infrastructure for them is pissing me off. I recently had to park my bike downtown, and couldn't lock my bike because the scooters were in the way. I sorted it out, although the scooters make a loud noise after you knock the fuckers over, so that was annoying.

These things are designed so that they don't need bike racks, so why are you setting them up in front of the only bike rack on the block?!

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