Visual Art Jan 19, 2022 at 4:20 pm

A pixel is worth a thousand words.



"The wall of text is massive. It encompasses not one, but two walls. My eyes bounced around, never sure where to land—forget about understanding."

This was designed by someone who has never been told no, including by the doctor they get their Adderall from.

"For once, I wished someone would mansplain this concept to me."

The best description I have seen comes from this tweet from @Guy_Friere: NFTs are just beanie babies for people who get mad at whenever there are black women in Star Wars


Anyone who thinks NFTs are art or a good idea and also thinks that climate change is an existential threat has as much credibility as a QAnon follower or Trump supporter.


I kind of feel sorry for 20-somethings who live in Seattle now. The Lake Union Pub is now Google. And that is not an improvement.


If it walks like a scam and quacks like a scam ...

No one seems to be able to articulate what it is you are buying when you buy an NFT. At most, you are purchasing a bit of code that is associated with another digital file.

Do you own the file (e.g. digital image)? No.
Do you control the rights to the file? No.
Can anyone else copy the file for free? Yes.
Can anyone else display the file for free? Yes.
Can the creator of the file (e.g. artist) sell it 1,000,000 more times via with new NFTs? Yes.

So what TF are you paying for?


You can fool some of the people some of the time. A fool and his money are soon parted.


Can anyone (i.e. not the creator of the art) sell an NFT hashed to that file? Yes.


You kids get off my lawn!


More like Jeff Koons than Matisse.


You can all laugh. But I'm the only one reading my own NFT copy of the Stranger comments. Worth a goddam fortune in 2072 dollars. And they're for sale!


Is this the first museum dedicated to money laundering?

@10 Hahahaha, well played.


Stephen hawking said it best, "stupidity and greed will kill off humankind." Thanks #10 you are both and then some! More heat domes to follow the recent ones in Buenos Aires and Australia!


Walmart is getting in on the NFT game, no joke. They will be selling virtual clothing and accessories to folks who want to look cool in the metaverse. That's enough to deter me from wanting to be a consumer of this but I sure would love to get in on the business side, separating fools from their money. That's the American way and P.T. Barnum realized it a century ago.


I need to launder more crypto.


dis a museum of philosophy, because...why?

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