Drumpf will keep getting deferential GOP delay tactics for his legal woes until he is dead and will not need to deal with it. Totally serious.


Well Jas, why not do a Slog poll on SPD not enforcing minor traffic violations? If you dare.


I’m a tech caveman, perhaps someone could explain to me how any sort of new phone set up would possibly be allowed/approved if it could potentially massively disrupt/endanger air travel.

I don’t consider myself an idiot but this is perplexing.


Joe Manchin beat his last two primary challengers ~ 70-30. Sinema might lose her next primary, but by then it's not going to matter anyway. Voting rights are dead. This country is done. Look out for yourself and your loved ones - no one is going to save us.


Jas was in 1st grade during the Nisqually earthquake?

Thanks for making me feel like a dinosaur.


@3 its about the frequency used for 5G be very close to the frequency used by the aircraft instruments used in low visibility landings. From a BBC article:

In the US, the radio frequencies being used for 5G are in part of the spectrum known as C-Band.

These frequencies are close to the ones used by radio altimeters on aeroplanes, which measure the height of the aircraft above the ground, and also provide data for safety and navigation systems.

The concern is that interference from 5G transmissions could stop these instruments from working properly, and cause safety problems, particularly when aircraft are coming in to land.

This seems like a no-brainer issue. There should not be a 5G roll out until the issue is resolved. Air transit is much more important than being able to download Tik Tok videos more quickly.


@6 There’s also the issue of 5G networks operating close to the frequency emitted by water vapor. Which means that 5G can interfere with weather satellite effectiveness.



I seriously doubt ST is going to take a huge financial hit from this. Sure, there will be scofflaws who will abuse this; there always have been. And I'll bet dollars to donut holes they'd line up about 80 - 90% with those who think Tim Eyman is some sort of 21st Century version of John Galt. But, the overwhelming majority of our citizens are responsible, contributing members of society who will do the right thing, because it's the right thing to do.

Furthermore, I would bet the number of drivers who use their vehicle(s) exclusively in-city is miniscule. I mean, how else are the RWNJ's going to get to those Anti-Vax or "Stop The Steal" rallies in Olympia?


@7 Tim is that you? Are you typing this from the library or have your phone and computer not been seized to pay your debts yet?


One you leave the city your expired tabs will be picked up by a plate scanner and you will be pulled over and cited immediately, or towed if your car is parked. It’s illegal to have an unregistered car on the roads & they have the tech to sniff you out with no effort whatsoever. Feel free to fuck around but you have no one to blame but your cheap & stupid self when you find out. Just pay your fucking car tabs you lazy cheapskate.


Any losses from people who don't renew their tabs could be easily made up with what we spend on enforcement (police officers) and imprisonment. Personally, I think they should just fine people who can afford to renew but don't. Use those fancy traffic cameras and send people a bill in the mail.


@12: Where are plate scanners besides toll roads and bridges?


You have conversations with your seattle neighbor about when, where and how frequently they drive on expired car tabs? Ok, sure.

You will get a car tab ticket, possibly even have your car impounded, from whomever finds you first, and it can happen any time you leave the city or drive on a freeway within city limits, because the police have plate scanners that can effortlessly detect expired tabs, even on densely crowded streets.

As i said if you enjoy fucking around have at it, you and your cheapskate "seattle neighbor" are not my problem. I am putting this information out there for others who might not realize you are completely full of shit.


15 inside highway patrol cars


It appears a user is encouraging and promoting illegal activity. Seems like one of the Stranger Staff should know about that.


i like how he picks an issue-specific screen name because he knows it's only a matter of days if not hours before his account is banned again



Police use expired tags as an probable indicator of deeper unlawful activity, so word.


Oh wow your seattle neighbor really gets into the weeds when you guys talk about driving on expired tabs. Please tell us more about what he "reports." You guys sure sound like a lot of fun.

Again, you and your neighbor are free to drive your unregistered cars wherever you want so you don't have to pay a few hundred bucks a year to register it, but I speak from personal, not-my-neighbor's experience when I tell you the police can single out your car from 4-lane rush hour traffic, perhaps even on the very same day the tabs expire. If they're nice they will give you a fix-it ticket (thanks, officer!), but they have the authority to immediately impound your illegal car and issue thousands of dollars in fines and impound fees, not to mention the late fees for your late registration.

If this risk sounds worthwhile to you then go for it, but if you're a normal person who doesn't like paying thousands of dollars out the nose for something that is easily avoidable then do not listen to the strange obsessive man telling you there is no risk in driving around in an illegal car on public roads.


@22 lol stfu. Here, I'll sum up all your posts so you can get back to your facebook group:

Readers probably won't get ticketed for not renewing their tabs because you said so.




What the fuck are you even talking about? The question is not how often they deploy this tech that you now acknowledge definitely exists, but whether it's worth the risk to surrender yourself to the good will of whichever officer pulls you over for driving illegally.


I don't think it's gas lighting to point out this person is emotionally unbalanced. They really, really need to seek proper mental health treatment.


You: just drive on expired tabs you guys it's totally fine
Me: no they will scan your plate and pull you over
You: no really guys trust me my neighbor does this constantly it's fine
Me: no they will scan your plate it happened to me
You: ok sure it happens but what even are laws if you think about it

You are the most tedious and least convincing person on earth. Have fun risking your car being impounded anytime you leave the house.


Often times cars with expired plates are stolen, perhaps with stolen switched plates, a ton of cars that are pulled over for this violation result in finding stolen cars per statistics

A big win for are already #1 in car thieves in Seattle! Along with higher insurance rates for all!


"The Seattle Police Department will finally stop enforcing minor traffic violations—like driving with expired tabs or a cracked windshield..."

I'm sure the SPD appreciates deeply the unwarranted trust engendered by an empty PR move. See:



Even the most tedious and least convincing people on earth can consume your attention if their objective is not to beat you at your own game but to keep you engaged indefinitely by misdirecting your attention and energy to correcting bad faith bullshit.

Our court systems are in dire need of revision to uphold justice trodden underfoot by archaic and ill-made rules that keep us frozen to the spot in a world daunted with alacritous change.



So, who cares about your "estimate", which is just a number you pulled out of your ass?

As for Eyman, who cares about the idiot assholes who continue to vote for his "initiatives" or give him money, only to watch their contributions get flushed down the toilet or put into his pocket (well, somebody else's pocket now that he's been ordered by the court to make several tens of millions of dollars in restitution) because of his abysmal 94% failure record? ( Let them throw their money away, that's what idiots, fools, rubes, and suckers do when a snake oil salesman sells them a patent-medicine cure-all.

And why would I buy into your stupid strawman argument @13? It doesn't negate the fact that the overwhelming number of citizens pay their taxes on time and in the correct amount based on the best of their ability to determine, any more than your bullshit argument @9.

Blaming the uncredulous for the stupidity of the credulous isn't an argument, it's a pathetic rationalization.


@15 It’s against WA state law to use tolling cameras for purposes other than tolling.


It really is comforting sometimes to know that I can always come to this comment section to find someone being v toxic about something as inane as car tabs. I think it will all be just fine.


@22 - my guess is that your neighbor drove a fairly recent, well-maintained car even before switching to the new electric. Cops have very little interest in pulling those over because they are very unlikely to contain persons with outstanding warrants, or meth, or whatever.

But an old car with crappy paint and maybe a marker light or taillight out is a much better bet for them to want to make a pretextual stop. The public defenders called those "warrantmobiles."

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