A high priority is to go after the fentanyl pushers and meth cookers so that a large percentage of the homeless will begin to prefer to come inside when it's cold.


So, today I was walking back from the grocery store and I saw this one dude I always see living on the sidewalk in sort of a mini-Chinatown neighborhood outside a liquor store. I had a bunch of bananas and gave one to the guy, thinking he might need some potassium. Some older dude saw me do it and glared at me, put his hands on his hips, and stood in my path, forcing me to go around him.

I was wondering why and I realized that maybe that gesture of what I think is kindness actually from his perspective enables that guy to stay on the sidewalk and sleep outside his Chinese community restaurant. The one guy regularly attracts similar folks who I suppose find community there, but likely impact the business and make people feel uncomfortable.

What is the right thing to do here?


@2 the banana made hardly a difference to the gent on the street but it did make you feel better about yourself. Which is what a lot of ‘charity’ does. Which isn’t all bad, it’s just important to recognize that in ourselves. A more substantial doration to an entity involved in the issue helping people get off the street would be more impactful, but still not a cure-all.

Also, why post here? Why not ask the restaurant owner what they think? Why assume their reaction?

I think this exchange didn’t happen and it’s made up for shock value.


@3. Not really, it did happen, but the authenticity of whatever is meant to provoke a genuine response to the situation and not so much the projection of some kind of virtue signaling or validation. For now, my hull maintains structural integrity. I don't speak Mandarin, and I don't talk to strangers on the street in the time of omicron surges.

My thoughts were that he could use some potassium.


This has more significance because of, say, the death threats that church in town got for feeding people for free. I'm trying to look outside the box of my own perspective. What is the right way to handle this situation, when neither bananas nor sweeps will alter the status quo?


You can offer as much housing as you want but as long as it’s acceptable to steal everything in sight and shoot drugs without consequences the majority of these folks will prefer to steal and shoot drugs.


Could have turned around and given the sidewalk dweller a $20 just to spite the older dude.


@8. Hahahahaaha, a bold move.



Theft and substance use have been with us for as long as there have been things to grab and other things to put into ones body. In typical conservative fashion people act like all of this is some sudden, new thing that they just found out about, because for them a thing doesn't exist unless they experience it personally.


@9: Or just handed the older guy a banana too.

@10: Conservatives have experienced things more personally than liberals as they're typically older and have more "lived experiences" as they say.


@4 so you didn't talk to the homeless guy, you just gave him a banana? does he like bananas?

how can anybody solve anything if no one talks to anyone?

it seems like you're 'cleverly' asking what we should do about the homeless problem in the big picture. Using this trite little anecdote that places you in the heroic role is an obnoxious humble-brag.

That is the general theme of most editorial or blog content, so well-done. I hope you can become a paid writer of that somewhere.


@11. Food for thought.

@12. He was asleep. It was not my objective to prop myself up with something as petty as a banana donation. Are you sure it's not you who feels threatened by a basic gesture of sharing, as though I'm casting myself as some magnanimous saint for giving a person sleeping on the street 100 calories. For all I know he might throw the banana at somebody, what do I care? What kind of butterfly effect have I unleashed upon the space-time continuum with this hero worship?

Thanks for your support and engagement.


It seems as though King County Regional Homelessness Authority director, is the first job that Marc Dones has ever had.

I don't expect any improvements to the homeless situation in King County under their leadership. I do expect very little fiduciary oversight so I won't be at all surprised when scammers manager to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from KCRHA.


@2 Rather than give him a banana you could have ignored him and just walked on by.


@15. I have, dozens of times. Out of sight, out of mind, right?


@16 Just like stepping around a puddle, a Lime Bike, a trash can, or the rest of the detritus littering the urban landscape.


@17. Charming.


@18 Realistic


@14 I'd give them more of chance before you write them off. I've watched him stand up to the SCC a few times and lay waste to a few of their sacred cows (Share/WHEEL). The fact they actually pushed back on the status quo and questioned the effectiveness of the current system is a good start. Naturally the SCC countered by withholding funding and wanting to set up a parallel city organization so they can continue to feed money to their pet organizations so it will be interested to watch it play out.


@19: But you never really know who that person really might be:


@21 Irrelevant.

I suppose he could be Zeus or Hermes in disguise, but the chance of that is exceedingly thin.

And the pianos on the 16th Street Mall were a pretty cool idea.


Point taken, I’ve seen promising signs from them as well, but I fear their inexperience will lead them to get steamrolled by the Seattle complex.


@22: It's also a reality check. As a conservative, wasted talent upsets me.



@24 You must not have met many struggling musicians or artists. Or you are constantly upset.

There are a ton of incredibly talented people who never get that break. Most people who know musicians or artists have known a few who truly are exceptional, equal or superior to the household name superstars. But for a variety of reasons (some self-inflicted, some due to fate, some inexplicable) they never advance, never succeed, and often end their lives in SROs, or worse. It's sad when it is someone you love, but so frequent it's hard to get upset over.

If you really are a conservative who is upset by wasted talent I hope you support a massive increase for the National Endowment for the Arts, and other government funded support for arts organizations large and small.

The church no longer supports new artists, and monarchies are a thing of the past. The gap needs to be filled by our democratically elected, civil governments.


@23 honestly that is a probable outcome because many of the current “service” providers are embedded into the political machine like a tick but change starts somewhere and having Dones start to ask the right questions will shine more light on some of the shady alliances that exist in this city. It will be fun to watch the SCC walk the tightrope of trying to appease the activist class while not blantently undermine the regional authority. Dones has already suggested rebidding many of the contracts and we all know how that turned out last time the city tried it. Spoiler alert, the TS’s favorites coucilmember blew it up.


@26: I don't see the need to delineate between struggling musicians and artists who are homeless and those who aren't. My point is their stories behind their faces. I'm not sure what your point was.

As far as philanthropy goes, I'd love to be one of mega-rich donors you see in the Opera program, but for now it's just NW Harvest and similar plebeian serving interests.


@28 I guess my point is that the story behind the face is irrelevant. There’s a million stories some are true some are lies.

The person is camping out in front of a restaurant. They don’t need a banana, they need to be told to move on.


Near as I can tell, all the regional authority gets us is another layer on the services quilt, one that also always has its hand out to suck up more funding and point ineffectually in the direction of problems. All the taxpayers get for these dolars is new source of finger pointing and backbiting to say others are doing it all wrong and you should just fund me to do what I am saying now.


All the money in the world would not be enough for ineffective and bureaucratic non-profits to solve other peoples' intractable problems. And now we have another layer of them.


Let's kick Dr. BALBOSA and Dr. Nelson Salim out onto the streets and fill their houses with people experiencing homelessness.

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