"The Google office space totals approximately 623,000 square feet"

That sure could house a lot of people with some modifications. But it's more important that billionaires get more billions of dollars.



Well, you can't expect the millionaires living in those luxury apartments Google ISN'T selling (hey, profit is profit, amiright?) to be forced to mix with dirty, filthy working class people, can you?


Wonder where Google could be going?

I’m sure the jumpstart tax has nothing to do with any of this.


The Washington "Cares" tax needs to be repealed altogether, not just delayed.


@ 4,
Then get right on that by passing the “Washington Doesn’t Give a Shit About You” bill.
Just like we’re Floribama or some other hell hole.


Some conclusions are being leapt to. The story is the landlord is selling the property. It does not say the the tenant is moving. Maybe, maybe not. And it takes a hell of a lot of modifications to convert office space to living space.


@55KEK -- "And it takes
a hell of a lot of modifications
to convert office space to living space."

not if you're
Constanza &
Constanza Architects

a blanket here a slice or a subwich there
a wake-up call and an Executive bath-
room on the 42 floor & you gotchyur-
Self a Rental. remember to bring
your own towels and any
cotton balls


Pumps can break, but can breaks be pumped?


@5: It makes no sense for a state to have such a program. Indeed, if you move to another state the benefit does not follow you.


@9 It's a bad bill all around. Too much money for too little benefit that you may never receive.


The WA Cares tax really is a mess. It will only cover niche long-term care scenarios, and cost significant amounts per check for most residents of the state, including many who can scarcely take the hit. And for what? The benefit it provides is paltry—on par with maybe 4-5 months worth of care. On average, people need more like 2-3 years’ worth. And you can’t opt out, ever, unless you move out of Washington. I appreciate the attempt, but it’s just too regressive and inadequate to be useful.


Glad to see J. Kenji López-Alt continuing to evangelize the Seattle bagel scene, and continuing to get attention for doing so.

I recall being subjected to some progressive outrage on this very blog recently for having the temerity to suggest that Seattle had a legit bagel scene. Interestingly, one of the outraged parties (this is a commenter whose primary tone is righteous rage) managed to slip in that they hadn't been to Seattle in ages, so they couldn't really comment on Seattle's current bagel scene, while still holding firm in their original outraged response to my claim.

Now, clearly there's something wrong with me if I feel compelled to recall this exchange. Like, it sounds like I have an unhealthy fixation on this other commenter.

Anyway, I don't want to let my apparent psychological shortcomings, or any feeling of vindication, get in the way of my main takeaway here. I'm thrilled to see Seattle's emerging bagel scene getting some recognition.


Observant comment as usual from schmacky @11.

Someone who hasn't been following WA Cares news


Elizabeth Warren is smart by not running for the Democratic presidential bid in 2024. She knows how much more valuable she currently is in the U.S. Senate. Good on her for having steel belted intestines and standing firm on issues. I couldn't stand having to deal with RepubliKKKans on a regular basis.

@11 schmacky: The WA Cares tax really does sound fucked up. Is it true that this is an extra withholding exclusively deducted out of W-2s among Washington employees?


@14: If you're an employee, look at your paychecks - it's already being stolen by ~$10.00 for every 1K you make.


Thank you Chase!!
I needed some Callan Berry!


Why exactly did pickleball need to be explained to you? Have you never actually watched pickleball?


Speaking of anniversaries: Happy 5 year anniversary to Richard Spencer getting punched in the face!

C'mon Chase, do better, how DID you miss this?


I guess that means Bernie's not going to run either.


@15: Jesus, that is fucked up. I'm fortunate not to have to declare any W-2's. I hope I'll never have to again. Self-employment anybody?

@26 pat L: In brighter news, thanks for the reminder Chase and pat L. I'll check it out. Callan Berry is indeed, a comic genius and just what I need, too.


@26 pat L +1: Thank you, Chase, pat, and Callan Berry for the LOLs!! Seattle, you so crazy! Yikes about some of those true stories from the SPD log, though....
Callan Berry's comics remind me of Matt Groening's early work, particularly from the "Life is Hell" / "Love is Hell" / "Marriage is Hell" / "Childhood is Hell"/ "School is Hell" / "Work is Hell" series, pre-The Simpsons.

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