I would think keeping inmates locked in their cells 24/7 during a freaking pandemic would be a good thing. Actually I think we should make it standard. If inmates can't mingle then inmates can't assault each other. Win/Win.

Hell if I were ever incarcerated I would fucking want to be locked in my cell away from all the crazies.

That being said since the jail wasn't built to provide personal hygiene in each cell that is an issue.



You DO understand that being locked in a cell 24/7 generally means being locked in a cell 24/7 with ANOTHER PRISONER, or depending on how overcrowded the facility is, MORE THAN ONE OTHER PRISONER, right?

But regardless of the number of cell-mates, you're probably sweet and juicy, so no doubt you'd be somebody's punk right quick...


No I did not.

I took Rich's statement "being held in solitary confinement type conditions" to mean solitary confinement conditions. Being locked in a cell with other inmates is in no way solitary confinement type conditions. Personally I think it would be much safer for everyone if all inmates were held in "solitary confinement type conditions."

If that is not the case then, yes it's fucked up. Not sure the solution. I think the county wanted to build a larger jail but it was nixed.

As for your last sentence, I never expected you to join the right-wing MAGA psychos endorsing assault and torture against inmates.

We sentence criminals to prison. We do not sentence them to be tortures. The conditions in American jails and prisons are abysmal, keeping inmates segregated from each other seems like the most compassionate policy.


@2, what is your understanding of the word solitary? Google it to gain some clarity.


Locking someone alone in a cell for >23 hours/day is considered a form of torture and should be illegal in a country that claims to be the leader of the free world. Sitting alone in a concrete cell with no human contact or mental stimulation of any kind breaks people in very short order and if prolonged can cause permanent psychological damage.


"Thank you for your interest in SYCT. We have concluded this project in your community. Please contact your local health department for any remaining kits that may be available for pickup locally." Didn't this just go live like yesterday? What the hell?


Were either of those twelve year old girls wearing helmets when they got hit by the truck?


@7: No, and neither do you when you take a walk outside.


Give them all the books they want.


& Hope
they Learned
how to read, eh?

oh & that they can
fucking See to read

so many little things
most just take for Granted


@9: It is possible, if not admirable, to have strong law and order political dispositions without being punitive or cruel.


my Hero Chris Hedges
teaches Civics to Prisoners:
Zinn's 'a People's History of the
USOFA' and they're like, "We've been Lied to."

a wee blurb from Town Hall Seattle:
'As the nation’s poorest city per capita, Camden, N.J., is a poster child of postindustrial decay—and a warning to us all, says Chris Hedges. The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, co-author of the graphic nonfiction book Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt, traveled to the most depressed areas of the United States to show what happens when a society loses a sense of the sacred and nothing has an intrinsic value beyond monetary values.

Amid sky-high unemployment and threatened social services, Hedges warns of a bleak near-future where cities such as Camden—and even states—fall into bankruptcy, neofeudalism reigns, and the nation’s working and middle classes are decimated."

Homelessness ain't
The Problem

it's a


@9 But not probable.


There can be no happiness in a world where the undesirables are thrown away.


@10 People in prison and those serving sentences in jails (not those awaiting trial, which is an different matter) have by their actions shown that they cannot be trusted to mingle with the rest of us in society. It is appropriate for society to choose to isolate them from the rest of us.

However they should not be subject to cruel and unusual punishments in that isolation.

So which is more cruel, releasing them into a free-for-all of other criminals, or keeping them in an isolated cell for the duration of their sentence?


@8 but if it saves just one life...


@15. How about electing them to Congress and the highest offices in the land?


"It's all right, 'cause it's all white [collar]."


in other news
the passage of
a (Fashion) Giant:

'member when it wasn't ok to be gay?
and look how far we've come since
we've ditched fossillized notions
before. we need to do it Again

just say No to
the reich wing
& their collab-


It certainly seems like the New York AG, the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and the House Committee investigating the Jan. 7 insurrection, are all showing criminal conduct by Trump.

I’d love to see him perp walked but he’s so old and fat he’ll probably die first.


"My name is Jojo Ivan" in support of this Dr Balbosa fellow is some fun-ass spell-caster spam copy. Think if the comment was posted under the same user name, I may have even thrown caution to the wind and reached out to see what they had to offer. Bummer.




Whoops, pressed the wrong button! I work in Jail Health Services and can confirm that it is an absolute nightmare in there with some inmates not getting out of their cells for DAYS. I see above that people think this is preferable to being with others but it is very isolating and detrimental to most inmate’s mental health, and it also means they don’t get showers or phone calls. The jail was dirty before but now, without trustees (inmate workers) to clean, things are even grosser. Many officers and staff members are out due to COVID. Many staff do not mask regularly and inmates do not mask consistently (it would be hard to mask 24/7 in a group tank). We have no regular testing of staff. I don’t know how it’s ever going to end in there. I hope the courts can get things moving.


@24 first I agree with you that lack of showers is a huge issue, unfortunately I have no solutions.

As for being isolated as a mental health issue. The thing about mental health issues is that they are just that, mental, all in the head. Unlike mental illness, COVID is an actual physical disease that can kill you.

I would think protecting the physical security of inmates would take precedence over any imaginary psychological issues.


"The thing about
mental health issues is
that they are just that,
mental, all in
the head."

YOUR brain's
Ok so everyone
else's 'problems'
are . . . Imaginary.

Close the loony bins!
FIRE all the pshchologists!

st2's gonna Save us
some Big fucking money:

if your brain's not leaking
from your skull, well then you're





oh so you
Were dropped
on your wee baby
head. that explains



@26 you do make a good argument that they are indeed possessed by demons, perhaps we should bring back exorcisms?

The fact is our modern methods are no more effective than those of the Medieval Era, perhaps less so as we seem to have incentivized the negative behavior.


@25: From schizophrenia, to bi-polar disorder, to depression - mental health diseases are indeed physical brain and body pathologies.

@28: Such generalizations are so blatantly disingenuous, it can't be sincere. You must be coming down from watching dungeon S&M porn.


@29 The hypothesis is that these are caused by changes in brain chemistry. Yet there is no test for these chemical imbalances. If it's not testable it's not science.

Humans walked the Earth for over 250,000 years capable of overcoming the ups and downs of life until the authors of DSM-5 decided that feeling sad or being worried were major mental disorders.

And tell me Rain, how is our current treatment of these poor tortured souls any better today than it's ever been in human history?

Is an urban encampment an improvement over Bedlam? Is a state correctional facility any better than a cell in Hôtel-Dieu?


Fun fact: your brain is a part of your physical body and it can malfunction just like any other organ. The idea that mental illness isn't "science" because you can't diagnose it with a blood test is some of the dumbest shit i've heard in a minute. Pure, willful ignorance to justify your lack of compassion for people who are suffering from some of the most debilitating and stigmatizing illnesses ever documented. I've told you this before but it bears repeating: you are a genuinely awful person.


@32 "suffering from some of the most debilitating and stigmatizing illnesses ever documented."

You left out self-inflicted and self-actualized.


You can't treat mental illness by castigating the mentally ill, no more than you can heal one's broken arm by breaking their finger. Mental health can and will improve over time with love and the right treatment, and those deemed useless at their life's nadir can thrive and produce beyond measure when they find their way. Those who would perpetuate a vicious cycle of stunted growth and expect miraculous change from brute force are savage cannibals with broken minds.


@35 "no more than you can heal one's broken arm by breaking their finger."

True but if the arm is not actually broken and is only slightly bruised you don't put the arm in a cast. Wrap it or ice it for a day and you're good.

The same holds true for the majority of so called mental illnesses. When feeling blue is considered a mental illness we've gone too far.

Unless there's some massive tumor pressuring their brain the solution for most people in crisis is for them to get over themselves and get a grip.


@36. It is good you do not oversee any public health policy with your myopic perspective. When you are mentally ill, your decision making is compromised. Choices that are objectively irrational to the neurotyoical become subjectively rational decisions to the mentally unwell. It is not a matter of discipline or wisdom, but wellness.

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