It was no accident Trump appointed the Boeing CEO as Sec Def right when the company was in dire crisis AND Trump needed a desperate ally for which he could pull a few strings.


Funny, bean counters with no industry experience run hospitals in this country too.


It's frustrating how people will turn a blind eye to the flaws of capitalism even in the face of so much jarring evidence of the destructive power of the profit motive.

Welcome back Mr. Mudede


Welcome back Chuck. Another chapter in your continuing series The Fall and Decline of Western Capitalism or How it funds Socialism.


A hero on a victory lap? Do you Charles. I'll join you in appreciating, and amplifying in my own way, the analysis of the destructive shift in Boeings approach to their work - from material to financial. Where else is that shift happening?


It’s cool everyone here sees the link between crashing planes and the way companies like Providence St Joseph are crushing our nurses all so Rod can have another Lambo. They have extended their filth into the non profit (lol) healthcare industry. As long as you need a knee replacement or something biopsied (once the rona meets its evolutionary limits) you will be fine. Otherwise buckle up y’all, turbulence ahead.


I am disappointed there is no YouTube link to Hitler in the bunker ranting about 737 max crashing or is that to 2010?


Fuck Boeing. Fly Airbus.


Wow Charles... an economic expert and aviation expert... all rolled into one. You are amazing!


Fancy schools start to promote their education of Leaders, rather than just plain education. The concept of leader education is fatally flawed. The schools that market themselves as producing leaders only produce amoral box checkers and buck passers.


Also, it's not just industry that has fallen for this leadership scam. The state government pretty much pigeonholes experts into technical ghettoes while 'managers' are able to move across all agencies regardless (or because of) their lack of knowledge about any subject they are managing. All they need to know is how to 'manage'. Prisons, fish hatcheries, foster children. All widgets moldable in the hands of the right LEADER


"I see capitalism as a system that's not only historically specific but has features that are cultural rather than natural."
99.99% of all Americans are completely unable to grasp that observation.


Superiority complex + Marxism = complete boredom


@8: In keeping with the theme of glorious socialism, keep in mind that Airbus is capitalist as well. Fuck Boeing. Fuck Airbus. Fly Ilyushin.


Charles is absolutely correct about the fall of all of the Empires.

The American Empire. The Chinese Empire.

And the Russian Empire.

Don't fly, use the nationwide high speed rail - oh wait we live in a Fourth World country nevermind ...


So, basically (as I understand it), you take the old air frame (because you're too cheap to build a new one) and add some engines that weigh way too much for it, and depend on software hacks to keep it in the sky.

All I'll say further is I'm glad they list what kind of plane it is when you fly - I'll be avoiding this one for all time.


Okay just one more: while I'll admire the Pinto with the 460 motor crammed into it at the hot rod show (okay I really won't, because it was always a pretty ugly car, in addition to it blowing up and things), but I sure the heck wouldn't want to have to veer out of the way of a pedestrian or a semi (the no doubt dreadful understeer, and all) in a jiff. Maybe not the same thing here, but while you might survive that crash in your totally bitchin' Pinto, when planes fall out of the sky everyone tends to die.


My father was a flight and engine systems engineer at Boeing who retired in the 90s. For the last ten years, he kept telling me how all the decisions on direction at the company were being dictated by the 'bean-counters' and not in discussions with engineers as they had before. Stands to reason you make the never-ending decisions about a product that is science and engineer-intensive with scientists instead of hot shot MBAs, right? Nope. Boeing wanted away from the engineers AND machinists and moved corporate HQ to Chicago to get away from the rabble in Seattle. And look at the results. Airbus is now eating their lunch. China will do so next, by building a cheap, safe, efficient airliner that follows design principles, not some worthless capitalist's personal reward agenda.

Even a middle school or high school aviation enthusiast can look at the MAX and see the engines are too big for the airframe and too far forward.

America is in mental or moral decline, from its elites to its people. Yes, a lot of the people are worthless as well, but they've been raised in a dog eat dog society with no cohesion or accountability, so all they're doing is emulating their masters.


"... they've been raised in a dog eat dog society with no cohesion or accountability, so all they're doing is emulating their masters."

CAPitalism's taking us to Mordor
seemingly sans any Ring
to toss into the Lava
and no Eagles to
cart us to Safety
gawd Save us
not holding
my breath


I enjoy Charles' writing a lot, but usually only when he's storytelling; I struggle with the "marxist" stuff. This, however, is absolutely on point. You might make a Marxist of me yet, Charles


gonna need more Stakeholders
on your Boards of Directors
Amerika -- ones like
Employees the
Citizenry and
Mother fkg

your piggish selfishness
is gonna get you Eaten.

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