«»...[M]om in Michigan embarrassed herself at a school board meeting when she declared that the school district in Michigan had placed litter boxes in bathrooms for students, and then a bunch of Facebook seniors embarrassed themselves further by credulously believing a Republican chairwoman who repeated the claim."

I think this Virginia MAGA Mom has that school-learning lunacy trumped:


Stop admitting unvaxxed by choice people to hospitals. Lots of problems solved. They can get treatment from facebook and prayers.


The map of carbon footprint per capita is striking. There is a correspondence with wealth, as expected, but it is a relatively minor one (at least within the U. S. as a whole). The biggest correspondence by far is with urbanization. City after city follows the same pattern: Low carbon footprint in the middle of the city; high in the suburbs. This occurs in very wealthy cities, like New York and San Fransisco. It occurs in sprawling cities, like L. A. and Houston. It occurs in various regions, like the South and Midwest -- areas not known for their environmentalism. Increased population density goes along with lower carbon footprint. From a public policy standpoint, we should be encouraging more density.


@2 Stop admitting obese (by choice) people into hospitals as well. Maybe smokers? People driving drunk?



Yes, as soon as we develop a free and easily administered vaccination that cures obesity, nicotine addiction and prevents drunk driving.


I can't wait for this pandemic to be over, not only to see the end of the ghastly death march and the world hobbled by restrictions, but to burry the word "vaxxed", with its ridiculous double-x. We say "taxed", "waxed", "maxed", "faxed", as well as "boxed", "mixed", and "over-sexed". The double-x serves no purpose, except to conjure TJ's discount mart; another indignity I would have scoured from this earth.



At the rate anti-vax COVID cases are clogging up ER's this isn't going to be a problem. In fact, if you have ANY medical condition other than COVID, chances are you're not going to get an ICU room anyway.


@4, You should change your screen name to “mic drop!”


Oops, make that @5!


@2: Easy to say that, but who decides not to admit? The EMT, ER nurse? How does one immediately determine if somebody's vaccinated if they're lying about it?

Another big problem are the homeless still in hospital beds but can't be discharged because they have nowhere to go.


Higher-Ups at REI are certain that unionizing will kill off the company completely.
Why do they think so? Is there a good economic financial reason? Or are there just spiteful corporate opinions guiding REI policy?


Medical ethics do not allow health care providers to casually dismiss people experiencing a medical emergency for any reason, let alone those succumbing to disinformation about their own health. They used to say the same thing about gays dying of AIDS, but fortunately the people who take the Hippocratic oath actually understand what it means.


@11 MBA ghouls have infested every institution though which money flows. REI is no exception.


@6: I think all those examples you gave use x in their present tense form, so they're not really the same thing.

Do you have a problem with the word "doxxed" too?


@12 - you are of course right about medical ethics, but it's time to stop giving unvaxxed people a pass because they "succumbed to disinformation."

Correct information about Covid is widely available and deciding that what that guy in his underwear in Mom's basement says on the Internet is as credible as what actual medical scientists publish is just unforgivable at this point.

Those who do are so stupid as to demonstrate that they are deeply mentally challenged. Maybe it would be more productive to treat them as developmentally disabled rather than as competent adults.


@15: Again, easy for you to say but you can't have a workflow or any reasonable practicality without ethics.

Reread the last sentence of @12a.


Bothell is great, if you have a car. But some of us still need mass transit to commute to and from work which is .... almost all in Seattle or the Eastside.


Wow, this morning’s slog writer managed to make Pettirosso’s departure about him and not about how Seattle is losing a gem, from 2 of the hardest working sisters in the city. Show some respect Stranger. This is a huge loss to the Seattle culture. We don’t give a shit what someone thought it was called…that is not newsworthy.


If being stupid were a matter of personal choice everyone would simply choose to not be stupid. People are stupid because they have no other choice.

The people who peddle disinformation or use it as a wedge for their political fortunes should be liable for the harm they cause but their marks have enough problems already, what with the stupidity and all, but this is all beside the point. Our health care system does not banish people for any reason, let alone being stupid.


@17 - Getting from Bothell to Seattle or Bellevue is pretty easy with frequent transit options.


@18: The gall to make a joke out of a restaurant's name (especially Italian or French) is very cringing indeed. Only Larry David could get away with it, not Matt or anyone else.


@4 Fat-headedness is also a choice, you know.


Patient survivability odds and available resources are both factored into triage.

Since the unvaccinated have very high mortality rates it seems as though that should be a consideration for admission. A cardiac patient or a vehicular accident victim should not be denied care in favor of an unvaccinated COVID patient who will consume vast resources and probably die anyway. Give them palliative care at home, but don't use up hospital resources (materials and personnel) on them.


❤️ healthcare choices. Keeping this RN employed since 1983.


Gotta chime in to concur with Ross @3. By and large, sprawl is associated with higher carbon emissions, and density with lower carbon emissions.

I'm reading Matt Baume's take: "Rich people are filthy. ... You will be shocked to hear that rich people generate more than their fair share of waste, and they leave the rest of us to clean up after them." When it comes to riling up the readers or playing the Slog greatest hits, this might be the most effective take, but it's not the most accurate.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of affluent folks living in nine-figure condos downtown. While I'm sure we could get into a debate about the energy efficiency of tall buildings, on the whole those rich people should have quite low carbon footprints, at least as a function of where they live.


@25 Hi skibub! See you Wednesday. I normally just come here to troll the trolls but I’d know that username anywhere. I’m picking up the tab though, even though lord knows the actions of the fools I clown on here leave us both doing just fine…..

I can’t believe I recognized you on here.



You're not factoring in their second homes, vacation homes, pied-à-terres, etc. And you can bet at least some of them are sugar-daddy/mamas covering rent on-the-sly for illicit paramours as well.


@3, encouraging density, yes, but most importantly transit. It's difficult not to be "dirty" and unhealthy when the only way you can get to work is by vehicle.


@16 - not sure what 12a you are talking about? In any case, I am not advocating for refusing to treat the unvaxxed. That would be inhumane. And if they jam up the hospitals to the point that not everyone can get in, they should get their proper place in triage like anyone else. @24 makes an interesting point. I AM, however, advocating for seeing them as the morons that they are and ostracizing them wherever it is legal to do so.


@19 - yes, many of them are stupid because they have dismally low IQs. That fraction is to be pitied and well need some help getting through life (perhaps MAGA hats could be made in sheltered workshops instead of China, to provide them with opportunities).

But many others willfully choose to do stupid things to "own the libs" or some other bullshit. And unfortunately, "owning the libs" turns out to mean "killing a lot of other people and fucking up the entire economy." They don't seem to give a fuck about that, and are deserving of neither sympathy nor forgiveness.


Triaging based on if a patient has done the "right thing" is an entire can of worms.

So if a multiple pedophile rapist needs treatment at an ICU, BUT is vaccinated, do they get triaged ahead of nice sweet nun who works with orphans and is unvaccinated and need ICU treatment?

No medical ethics panel is going to triage in an ICU based on anything other than immediate need. And as much as we may wish it cannot be any other way.


Expectant: The casualty is expected not to reach higher medical support alive without compromising the treatment of higher priority patients.

In case you haven't noticed we are in the middle of a slow motion natural disaster.

Categorizing the unvaccinated as Expectant seems perfectly reasonable.


@26 a lot of my carbon impact - in fact, about 90 percent of it - is from when I fly on vacation.

I try to take high speed rail and only cross oceans once each way, but there you have it.

Years ago I reduced my emissions - first to 10% of what they were - then to 2% of what they were. So all that's left is air travel. A lot of that is diet, and my habit of buying solar panels through Seattle City Light (which even renters can do, check out Green Up projects) to offset my actual air travel. I just run the emissions calculation for the trip, see how much it says it was, and then buy more solar panels to offset it. Think local.


233 Yes. You can keep making these ritual rhetorical incantations all you want. But no hospital in America is going to do it.


@2 Brent Gumbo, @7 COMTE, and @22 Quintus Slide for the WIN!!

@11 Yeshua: Sadly, I'm not surprised about REI being dicks about paying their workers sustainable wages. Management at the closest REI where I live seems amazed when they can't hold onto anybody for very long. Apparently it's one of those places where you're better off as a customer and not an employee, especially in a non-managerial position.
Fourteen years ago, while working my way through college I went in to apply for a job there. The manager accepted my completed application, but stated that while they weren't hiring right then, they'd "keep my application on file for consideration for six months". I never heard anything further back, but was fortunate to have found something else even better. All those extra REI job applications, when not gathering dust in a filing cabinet drawer must have been used by the boss to periodically wave in front of existing employees, to threaten to replace them if they ever dared to gripe about their pay and working conditions.


@34: No further questions, Your Honor.

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