Rest in peace, Shi Shi. Sea turtles are amazing creatures who under healthy environmental circumstances, can live several hundred years.

Good call, Sir Elton John, on cancelling shows in unmasked, anti-vaxxed, blood red Texas.

Speaking of Dumbfuckistan, Ron De Santis is at it again down in Floridumb.

At least grocery workers still get hazardous duty pay. And they're not even in the military.


Rock ON, House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi!


Most of us just think Jerry Falwell Jr. is a Christo-Nazi asshole. I don't really know if that counts as religious.


@2, Auntie I love you but I gotta disagree on this one. It's time for her to hang it up. Democrats are shit at cultivating younger generations of talent and I'm getting kind of tired of people who aren't going to be alive in 10-20 years making decisions regarding the future of the country and planet. I think there should be an age limit on holding public office.

Shifting gears, regarding Peter Dinklage, it's not like GoT universe has a super enlightened view on dwarves. Maybe I am misunderstanding his point.


@4 you’d have to read more into it but tl:dr Disney is reimagining Snow White (eg they have a Latina as the lead) so Peter is wondering why the dwarves are still 7 maladjusted men living in a cave together. If you are going to go progressive go all the way! That’s what I do. I drink and I know things.



@4 Brent Gumbo: Okay, but you've got to admit that Nancy Pelosi, as Democratic Speaker of the House is exponentially a SHITLOAD better than Mitch McConnell in deciding the future of ALL the people of our country.
I agree with you on term limits, though. With a few rare exceptions like of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg (rest in peace, and bless you, RBG!), SCOTUS Justices should NOT be given lifetime seats. Thanks to the Orange Turd the RepubliKKKan Death Cult has a 6-3 stacked court.


@4, GoT didn't present an enlightened world in any way, nor did it pretend to. Still, his character actually had a name that wasn't Dopey, Doc, Bashful, Sneezy, Happy, Grumpy, or Sleepy, and participated in the world like a real human. He does have a point.


Dems need someone to be an effective House minority leader when they lose control, and dizzy Nancy is still the sharpest knife in the drawer. How would Pramilla or AOC handle Kevin? As well as Nancy?


@5, 10 fair enough


The christian movement in this country is explicitly political, the religion part has always been purely aesthetic, but it’s a relief of sorts to see the mask slip.

It’s now safe for guys like falwell to out themselves as as cynical opportunists because the fascist takeover of our federal institutions is all but complete. No need to pretend he’s a man of faith anymore, just let the whole world know he loves getting shitfaced & watching his wife get railed by students at the evangelical university he inherited from his father, who set into motion the very christofascist movement jr also gets to inherit. He must feel so liberated, his father so proud.

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