Picking the ...

"destroy the planet by subsidizing private vehicle car storage on public right of way"

is not pro-union.

It's anti-Earth.


You'd think Sawant's supporters would be more interested in concrete action than these lame nonbinding resolutions. Everyone is playing pretend with that nonsense.


@2 what else can she honestly do? The council has no ability to insert itself into union discussions (see the carpenters union for example). This is more about Sawant glamming onto something for PR as per her usual mo. It’s comical you haven’t heard from her until now since the recall election. You’d think there are no other issues in D3 that could use her support.


Either way, Starbucks can fuck right off…


Not even Starbucks cares about Starbucks workers, so why should the council care about them?


The City Council needs to stay out of this.

It's between Starbucks and the employees and falls under the auspices of the NLRB.


I thought Starbucks had good employee benefits.

Don't they offer free college tuition as well as health insurance to part-time employees?


@7 all that and more but you know how it is around here. All biz is bad no matter what. Let them organize though. Most people are baristas on their way to something else so it will be hard to make this work with the high turnover rate. If they go on strike most will probably go get a new job rather than walk the line for a part time hourly job. I’m sure Kshama will milk it for a few canned speeches and press clippings before she gets bored and moves back onto the next thing she can co-opt for her own benefit.


Here come the robotics.


That answers a question about Kshame: Sawant only pretends to care about workers.

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