News Jan 26, 2022 at 2:40 pm

Please and thank you.



We all know why there are so few businesses that are eager to let “just anyone” use their bathroom - junkies taking advantage, crazy people destroying them.


"Policy cutoff comes next Thursday,"

It is beyond ridiculous that our legislators only work 60 days for the year.

It's bullshit and we need to change the Constitution to mandate session a minimum of 39 weeks. That's still only 3/4 of the year but maybe with the extra time they could fucking accomplish something.


ffs they're Trucks
put in a damn Urinal

& don't forget to Drink
alotta watta hombres!


@1 you ever work in an office building? I think I've seen more disgusting things in those than a lot of gas stations and rest areas. Some people are just degenerate assholes who don't see anything wrong with having others clean up their messes. I dunno if that should preclude most others from having convenient access to restrooms.


@3 Do you really think they would accomplish anything more other than bloviate and posture more than they already do. That also means more resources to the staff, heating, electricity instead of something productive. Plus they would give themselves bigger raises for working that much more.


"For the Love of God?!"

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