Was Sawant absent again? She skipped out on the last hazard pay vote, too busy doing something else to even show up for the workers she claims to support.


Much like tenant evictions, the City Council will string this out until it becomes an absolute disaster. They are sowing the seeds of a confrontation that pits business against workers.

The City has decided to involve itself in private businesses, compensations, benefits, labor and privately negotiated contracts.

This coupled with an anti-business agenda is a definite business killing machine. More and more businesses will slip thru the city's clutches the tighter it closes its fist in a salute tot he worker's movement.

Businesses need a working partnership with our city leaders, not a war. But I fear the solution will be to leave this city and go elsewhere. Abandon it completely to the far left and socialist agenda.


@1, No Sawant was not absent and she voted to continue the hazard pay. Of course before she could do that she had to read her 10 minute speech prepared by her handlers at SA. If you don't want to watch the meeting, the highlights include her once against lambasting her colleagues as sell outs in the pockets of big business while referring to the previous vote as scandalous. Probably the one difference in the meeting is right after Sawants stump comments Juarez took time to call her out for her personal attacks and remind her that questioning the integrity of other council members because she disagrees with their vote is not productive. Seems like Juarez will have much less patience for Sawants antics then her predecessor Gonzales. lol


The hazard pay is also because THIS IS A HIGHLY INFECTIOUS DISEASE EVEN WHEN VACCINATED. It can be worse than the flu even when vaccinated. The US had 19m cases in the first half of this month alone. To contrast, the flu only has about 30m cases for the full flu season.

And, it’s deadlier than the flu when vaccinated and not vaccinated.

Democrats are being sociopathic about this as they put workers’ health against donor needs.


@3 Ah, thanks for the summary. That saves me from the tedium of actually watching the meeting video, which is much appreciated.


"Er, put it R for 'Race,' maybe that'll help us find our way..."


@2 yeah, I’m all for workers getting paid as much as they can but to have pay imposed by the city is weird.

@3 she is so tedious.



You make it sound like "pitting businesses against workers" is some new thing, instead of the literal reality since someone invented the concept of wage labor however many centuries ago...


@4, And another $4 an hour will keep them safe and the virus at bay. The grocery stores aren't paying them $4 more an hour, you are at checkout.



I don't have a problem with that - especially when they have to deal with petulant anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers day in and day out.

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