I’m sick of entitled-ass people coming to the COVID testing sites and throwing a fit when they can’t be seen as a walk-up. Everyone and their fucking mother are getting tested right now, and I have even less sympathy if you’re trying to get tested because you want to go travel for frivolous reasons. Fork out the money and go pay for a different service because people who are sick or have been exposed aren’t able to get in and get tested since you twats are taking so many spots, which is what the free testing was meant for in the first place.

Also, can everyone coming to the testing sites understand that the people swabbing and registering you have no control over the website, hours, set up of the sites, etc. So many of you fuckers come in and act like I personally was responsible for whatever the complaint of the day is. I know someone who got spit on for turning a person away who didn’t have an appointment. I’ve been screamed at for the same thing. People are acting like fucking animals and I’m sick of it.

Y’all suck,

Just One Exhausted Healthcare Worker of Many

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