Well said. Good for you. Virtual high-fives and hugs to you and your team.


The drawback of offering a free service to the Public is that the Public will show up to make use of it. As anyone who has ever worked in customer service knows, the Public sucks.


There was a wanna be poet named Rhona
She tried to wite poems about Corona
But she's a talentless hack
Couldn't write her way out of a wet paper sack
Or even impress the kind folks in Barcelona


Well said, Exhausted, and thank you for your service, folks like you on the front line are heroes.


'Y’all suck.'

you'll get no
argument there

but we sold our
Citizenry tf Out
to the Kleptos
& Kon Artists
and This is
what tf we

rugged individualists
and entitled toddlers
& Fundies preaching
to the Womenfolk
who'd best Listen.


Hyper individualism has destroyed our collective sense of responsibility and humanity. Everything sucks, and we take it out on each other instead of ruling class of politicians (on both sides of the aisle) and billionaires responsible for how broken our society.

I’m so sorry you’re on the receiving end of this. Hug




Is there such a thing as "paid" covid tests? Because I have had about a dozen over the past 2 years - mostly from my employer, but also at the local drugstore, a drive up clinic, and a county testing center and all of them have been "free." (Also with the exception of the drive up clinic which I was taking due to a confirmed exposure, all of them have been by appointment.)

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