Rich people have more money for groceries but that doesn't necessarily mean they're better cooks or eat healthier.


bro what did neil young do to hurt you lol. dockside jam jamboree is more apt to phish or some bs. Southern man? needle and the damage done? down by the river? heart of gold?

OK ok, rockin' in the free world is pretty cringe.


Neil Young isn't my jam either, but I gotta admire the man. He's huge in the music biz, and he took a principled stand and pulled out of Spotify when they refused to pull a crazed RW nut job's vaxx misinformation bullshit. Respect.



Don't forget After The Gold Rush, Comes A Time, Cinnamon Girl, Like A Hurricane, Hey Hey My My (Into The Black), my personal favorite Powderkeg, not to mention all the great songs he wrote for CSN&Y.


Can't name one Neil Young song. Can type out one Neil Young insult. Solid journalism.


"The people somehow in charge of education in a little county in Tennessee"

The party of small government strikes again.


Matt, any comments on the bitter irony and greed that drives the world’s biggest music-oriented (ostensibly) streaming platform, already famous for massively under-compensating musicians, to unceremoniously drop one of the most well-known music artists of all time in favor of a doofus anti-vaxxer man-baby who is also not a musician?


Ok, Rogan is not anti-vax, exactly. But he is a fucking moron, and again, NOT A MUSICIAN


Oh you musically illiterate homosexuals.


Yeah, I like the vast majority of Young's catalog. And Rogan's such an idiot. Here's a pretty funny snippet of him and Jordan Peterson talking in rambling circles.

I'd think it'd not take much by way of a coordinated effort to get his dumb ass kicked off that platform. As popular as he is, I'd think two or three other big name and successful artists demanding to be removed would almost surely combine to constitute a larger number of streams than his podcast generates. I don't really even care much honestly, but it's worth noting.


The new Alaskan Way along the waterfront is not going to be a "freeway". either take a look at the design docs in that link or ride your bike over there and see for yourself.

Between that comment and the Neil Young shot, SMDH yet again.


Where’s the Go Fund Me to send a copy of Maus to every household in McGinn County Tennessee?


not to mention
Four Dead in Oh-Hi-Oh

the Fascis
are running
The Asylum

paging Lee Greenwood!


Neil Young defined what would become the Seattle Grunge Look about 20 years before Seattle.

Also he is a damn good musician/songwriter.

I don’t listen to his stuff much anymore but he was in heavy rotation for big chunks of my life.


Not surprised w the Neil Young snark from Matt, newly lefty as of joining the stranger but generally a sad neo-liberal friend to The Man AKA Spotify. And some internet furries who really think they are being political and edgy by dressing as animals but actually contribute nothing to culture or society or politics. And writing his self-interested gay culture thinque pieces.

I'm no Neil Young superfan but anyone who goes out of their way to defend Spotify has the intellectual capacity and maneuvers of an apple logo sticker on the back of a car. And Matt Baume saying heterosexuals can't dress themselves... I've seen the way you dress Matt. Come off it. As a gay man myself, you're doing a disservice to the rest of us. You dress like you walked out of a 2003 GAP store. Don't come for anyone on that topic. Okay I'm fucking done



Hey, take it easy on Matt. That was a pretty light shade...
And the Letterman interview was fun.


Final note: Matt should continue listening to his Lady Gaga/Taylor Swift playlist on repeat and leave musical commentary to just about anyone else on the planet. The end. Really done now


Rogan is explicitly and proudly antivax, he even did the ivermectin thing when he got covid, but his hosting and lending credibility to conspiracy cranks is bad enough on its own, even if he didn't hang on their every word. He is genuinely one of the stupidest people in media.


@8. I would call Rogan anti-vaccine adjacent. Apparently he isn’t vaccinated (had to cancel a Canada show because of that), talked about taking o bunch of bullshit vitamins and invermectin when he did get Covid, has made comments downplaying the importance of the vaccines (which he later retracts), and provides his large platform to similar ninnies (including Alex Jones). He’s anti-vaccine in all but name.


From my understanding Maus is not "banned" just taken out of the curriculum just like mukilteo did for To Kill a Mockingbird.


Matt, please stop using your sexuality, or others' sexuality, in these tiresome and tedious snarky schticks (that goes to you too "queers don't' know anything about sports" Chase).


Oh, nice, Matt mocking Neil Young.

To quote Kurt Cobain, "It's better to burn out than to write lame Slog AMs"


19 If you host a talk show and allow your antivax guests to push their pseudoscience with no pushback and loudly brag that you weren't vaccinated and openly discourage your listeners from getting vaccinated you are explicitly antivax by any definition

20 it wasn't banned, it was "removed from the curriculum", just like every other book that is casually referred to as "being banned" in the history of this country. I understand why the proponents of removing "woke" books from the curriculum want to split hairs over the definition of "banned" but the rest of us aren't obligated to be this credulous.


Two bikers and two walkers equals a ton of them?

I live in the area, most of the time that's all you'll see. You can drive all you want on Keep Moving Safe Streets, its perfectly legal. The street closed signs are in reality just an advisory. And in the case of Alki it makes one, two million dollar+ Beachfront homes worth more.


You know what contributes to food deserts? Over regulation, lack of police and prosecution of theft, hazard pay...


@12, I don’t know, but maybe we should also set one up to send copies of To Kill a Mockingbird to the board in Mukilteo


-- Yes, it’s a little weird to celebrate your birthday with a shot, but I think of it as a present to myself to not die.

Matt - Are you fucking kidding me? Your fear mongering has stooped to new lows. And I think eeeeee covered Neil Young sufficiently.


A decent reporter might've also at least mentioned the newly discovered links between Epstein-Barr and MS, especially given how high rates of MS are in the PNW. But, hey, why waste space on that when you can shit on Neil Young (for, uh, being old?) instead?

@25, everything you said was a lie. Every single word. Congrats.


4: and Buffalo Springfield (e.g. Mr. Soul, Expecting to Fly - Stills did write many of the others, MB might want to look into him as well :-P); Helpless, Out on the Weekend (and entire Harvest album) may be worth a listen ...

9: homosexual here - doubt I am the only 'exception' to your offensive generalization, even within this very comment board...


To summarize: removing books from shelves is fascism unless they're books we don't like in which case NOT removing them from shelves is fascism.


Considering how anti-Semitic the progressive left has become I'm actually a little surprised that The Stranger has even heard of Maus, let alone would cover it's being banned in Tennessee


@29: Homosexual here also, and @9's comment wasn't offensive as it was a satirical rebuttal to Matt's blatant heterophobic stereotyping which is offensive.

Let's stop enjoying playing the role of the offended party.


@11 -- Agreed. Two insanely stupid comments, in the same news summary. Admitting you don't know any Neil Young songs is like admitting you don't know any Bob Dylan or Chuck Berry songs. It is like walking into an art museum and saying "I just don't get it". Neil Young is one of the greatest song writers of all time. Even if you don't care for his singing, this is obvious to anyone who has heard his work. It is obvious to musicians, that span the musical spectrum (Neil Young worked with Rick James, who had a major influence on Hip Hop). Of course at some point in your life you've heard his work (maybe even covered by someone else) but you were too fixated on trivial matters (like the clothes people had on) to grasp the meaning of his songs, or the beauty of the music.

Jeesh, I would expect better from The Stranger, which historically cared about art.


The anti-semitic progressive left, as lead by much adored leaders like famous anti-semite Bernie Sanders? With up and coming local jewish progressives like Danny Tenenbaum? Or well beloved left progressives Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg and Rabbi Sharon Brous?

An odd blanket statement considering 71% of American Jews voted Democrat during the 2016 election and around 55% consider themselves left of center.


@34 There's no doubt they're referring to criticisms of Israel from the Left.


@33 What next, you're going to get mad at somebody for not knowing Tommy Dorsey?

And ffs, people going all According to Webster's over that use of "freeway". Does nobody recognize figurative speech any more? I blame our failed humanities departments.


@23. Yes, you’re more correct than I am. I guess I was trying to avoid making a definitive statement since I don’t actually know much about Rogan and couldn’t be bothered to look up any info to confirm my cursory knowledge. But you’re right. If it walks like a duck, etc.

@34. Dude is probably referring to the moronic conservative skew that progressives who are against Israel’s draconian policies towards Palestinians are “antisemitic”.


@35 Right. I assumed so. Like any criticism of Israels aggressively inhumane apartheid policies must clearly be anti-Semitic.

Much like any criticism of America's foreign or economic policy must be anti-christian and communist.


Oh. And before I'm labeled a member of the Waffen-SS:
עֲלֵיכֶם שָׁלוֹם


@36 -- This isn't just "somebody", this is somebody who writes for The Stranger. The byline says "Covering Seattle news, politics, music, film, and arts ... ". How the fuck can you cover music and then announce to the world your ignorance and complete disinterest in an extremely important musical artist? Holy shit, he wrote fucking protest songs. If that isn't relevant to The Stranger, what the fuck is? The happenings on a fucking quiz show?

I don't blame anyone for being ignorant. I blame them for being lazy at their job, and not even trying to overcome such ignorance.


@36 -- " people going all According to Webster's over that use of "freeway". Does nobody recognize figurative speech any more"

So basically every road in Seattle is a freeway now? Give me a fucking break. Much of Aurora, the new tunnel and other parts of SR 99 are a freeway. The West Seattle Bridge and Alaskan Way Viaduct are a freeway. Even the stretch of road containing the Ballard Bridge can be thought of as a freeway. Freeways have fast speed limits and no cross streets (for cars or pedestrians). This sure as fuck doesn't describe that road. There will be numerous crosswalks, with lots of people. Speed limits will be low. Cars will be forced to turn, further limiting speeds. It will be like the Embarcadaro ... Now. They removed the freeway, and replaced it with a surface street. No one calls it a freeway anymore because it isn't one. It is just a wide street (much wider than our waterfront street) with lots of room for transit, bikes and pedestrians. If you don't know the difference between a street like that and a freeway you're an idiot, or just a lazy reporter who is just phoning it in.


Of course no Progressive Democrat would ever say or think anything remotely anti- Semitic.

House Votes To Condemn Anti-Semitism After Rep. Omar's Comments

I know, I know, NPR isn't a reliable source of information as it's run by Far Right extremists....


@40 - If only Neil Young was a furry. Actually, now that I think about it, some of the hippies were pretty close.


Well. That clinches it you proved the progressive left has increased in Anti-semitism by +1 over it's previously undetermined undemonstrated dice roll of... X!

And you might want to read that link.

The resolution was a condemnation not of Ilhan Omar. It was a resolution to condemn "anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, racism and other forms of bigotry." Not her specifically. She is not named.

And she and the two other muslim members of the house VOTED FOR IT. They only Nay votes were republican. She voted to condemn herself!

Oh. And her so-called "Anti-semitic statement? Here it is:

"I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is OK for people to push for allegiance to a foreign country," she said. "I want to ask why is it OK for me to talk about the influence of the NRA, of fossil fuel industries or Big Pharma and not talk about a powerful lobbying group that is influencing policies?"

For which she did receive weeks of death threats.

Yes siree. Right up there with Hitler as far as I'm concerned.

And Sanders is an anti-semite? Since he agreed with her. As did Elizabeth Warren, saying "Branding criticism of Israel as automatically anti-Semitic has a chilling effect on our public discourse and makes it harder to achieve a peaceful solution between Israelis and Palestinians," said Warren. "Threats of violence — like those made against Rep. Omar — are never acceptable."

Are there anti-semites on the left? Of course. Do they dominate? Not in policy nor actions is it evident that anti-semitism is a dominant trend. Certainly not more than on the rightwing which literally hosted a rally screeching "Jews will not replace us" and their President praised them.

You have neither demonstrated some massive upswing in progressive anti-semitism nor that this particular statement was anti-semitic nor a censure of the person you claim. And in fact the only nays - people who i guess thing relies bigotry is okay - were not progressives at all. This is a stiff row to hoe farmer Joe.


@42 that was literally to quell outrage over her criticism of Israel. Like I said. In my comment.

Hey, it's not like anyone on the Right said anything anti-semitic ever, especially at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottsville!


@44 haha you beat me to it


Fun, I can post links too (as much as the Stranger allows, that is):

You bringing up Omar is a perfect example of people trying to lump any criticism of Israel as being wholly antisemitic. Thanks to the literal millennia of anti-Jewish thoughts, actions, and policies, it’s difficult to craft criticisms against Israel without running into some language or trope that has been used against Jewish people.
Omar has stepped it in several times and tried to offer apologies and clarifications while not weakening her stance on Israeli-Palestinian relations.

Trying to paint her comments as clear-cut antisemitism is either a bad faith argument or intentional obtuseness.


Fuck, I’ll just let Roger handle this. That response was better and faster than my own.



Gosh I guess you schooled me.

Here’s noted Right Wing Troll Chuck Schumer, D-NY calling Omar’s remarks reprehensible.


Truth is if you can’t see the anti-Semitism in BDS you are willfully blind.


Neil Young was ok with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Damn good albums, wore them out. When he went solo I lost interest pretty quickly. His voice is whiny and the words he writes sound like a 11 year old's

P.S. He loves the internal combustion engine and he loves cars. Got quite a collection I hear.



I wouldn't suppose you could've been bothered to watch the embedded video in which he converts an internal combustion engine to an electric that gets over 100 miles per gallon? Big ask I know. Lots of people who grew up in the era of the internal combustion grew to appreciate the appeal of the device, but then evolved to embrace and advocate for greener options. Again, the video is embedded right here in the news roundup and wouldn't require a ton of effort on your part to view.


You keep posting things you don’t read. So I’m not sure why I bother since this clearly in bad faith.

Even if Omar’s comment were “anti-Semitic” - and to this Jew they certainly are not - but say they were you have still not demonstrated they constitute a growing trend in the progressive left as you claimed. It’s proof one one statement.

And the so-called vote THAT SHE VOTED TO APPROVE to not specify what she said was anti-Semitic. You have failed on all fronts.

What you have shown is merely your opinion that any criticism of Israeli policy is anti-Semitic. Which is a blindly extremist non falsifiable position. And hence not argument worth engaging.


So, how does that change what I said?

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