Really enjoyed this Chase. I've never reflected on the meaning of graffiti cover up paint. This strikes me as an analog cousin of the digital process of a meme, tag, or slang evolving from the expression of an individual or a small community, into a widely adopted/co-opted ghost that haunts the collective consciousness via consumer capitalism and social media.


I would argue that your second example of more of a Radical than a Ghosting.

No one could re-create the tag from your photo. The removal attempt has instead created a new piece (on the right side it kinda looks like a guy leaning forward after sitting on a toilet).


For sticker patrol I posit that Felix the cat did not have "Used" written over him but "V S E D" an abbreviation for Voluntary Stopping Eating and Drinking, a strategy used by people who have reached end of life but are tired of waiting for whatever it is that is eating them to finish and who happen to be stuck in a part of the world where they do not qualify for assisted suicide so they finish it on their own (with the support of a skilled hospice team).

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