Jess Stein

"Go Vegan, Eat Ass"
The best ad for veganism Ive seen in a while.
The best ad for veganism I've seen in a while. JK
Thanks Kum Skum! I can always support an ass-based diet.

We’re going to need a bigger boat, Seattle Rep presents Bruce.
A world premiere musical that you can really sink your teeth into Get your tickets HERE!
"Chill Vibes"
Love a shiny sticker.
Love a shiny sticker. JK
Ok I definitely might have posted this one before, but it's so cute! Who cares?

"Fuck Art"
Spotted on Capitol Hill.
Spotted on Capitol Hill. JK
Me after a long day of writing.

"Flip the Tables of Oppression"
Ok! JK
To be honest, this one kind of confuses me! Not 100% sure how the message relates to the image, but I guess I'm here for it?

"Fuck the KKK"
Straight to the point.
Straight to the point. JK
Spotted in Fremont.

"Support Your Local Shitty Mom"

I try.
I try. JK
Thanks Freepenny Vintage!

Love the bold placement on the beg buttons at Broadway and Pine.
Love the bold placement on the beg buttons at Broadway and Pine. JK
I got up close to this to see if someone drew directly on the sticker but I think the image was printed on. Am I wrong? Let me know.

"Kneel for the Cross. Stand for the Flag. Beg for the Cock."
Sir. JK
My friend asked me if this was a Proud Boy sticker, but I don't think those cretins have enough patience to make someone beg for their dick, lol. Anyway, this sticker scandalized me. Did you do it? Tell me.

"Aileen Wuornos, Kill 'Em All"
This was on a USPS mailbox btw.
This was on a USPS mailbox btw. JK
I'm quite certain this is the work of Inspirational Grindo. I'm still thinking about Nick Broomfield's unstreamable documentary, Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer, which has several chilling interviews with "America's first" female serial killer. You should watch it:

"Have a Beautiful Dae!"
Another shiny sticker!
Another shiny sticker! JK
Have a good weekend, nerds.

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