"Your Darkest Thoughts
Are Being 'Shared' &
Then Sold for Profit"

a very small Price
to pay for Democracy

bring in the
Apt Listener

[where's those Chips
they Promised us?]


no it's the
Rapt Listener



I’d lay odds that the percentage of those antivax protestors in those photos that are actually licensed commercial truckers is less than 60%. Just like the “healthcare workers” that were supposed to protest en mass here turned out to be mostly lonely unemployed cranks.


"A popular suicide hotlines scoops up data from people "in their darkest moments" and then "shares" that data with a for-profit company it basically owns, who then uses it to "create and market customer service software,"

late-stage capitalism in one sentence


And from the Inlander article regarding Haskell: "My husband is the Spo Co Prosecutor and he’s the last line of conservative armor that the County has"

Every case this asshole has prosecuted against a person of color needs to be tossed immediately.



No doubt Doug Ford sent them on, promising unlimited beers, smokes and poutine if they successfully reached the capitol...


That doppelgänger project is wild!


@5: Including cases where the plaintiff is also a person of color?


@8, the plaintiff is usually the county, smartass. But to answer your question in a word: yes.


@9: Well, regardless, using skin color as a basis for whether or not to prosecute is as evil as anything a KKK wizard or David Duke would say.


Oh, I'll take that back Brent. You just make me dizzy.


@10 that's a hell of a pretzel twist; @11 you're welcome, have a good weekend!


Thank you , Rich and Jas, about where to get the free N-95 masks. I'll be visiting my local Rite-Aid soon.

@1 & @2 kristofarian and @4 Brent Gumbo: No matter how you slice the Snickers bar, that's an invasion of privacy. I find this practice alarming if it happens to involve the Veterans Suicide Prevention Crisis Hotline. Shame on the profiteers!


Speaking of alarming, ohhh, that bus going down the ravine following the collapsed bridge in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!! Undecided voters, are you afraid yet about your crumbling infrastructure? Then help rid the world of obstructionist RepubliKKKans!


Back in october this washington state trooper became a right wing celebrity after he quit his job over the vaccine mandate & you’ll never guess what happened next



we Must
Protect (&
Serve!) the
Po-po from



Here is area talk radio host jason rantz in october, celebrating the officer’s first step on his march toward his own death. Who could have known conservatives have this much contempt and disregard for the sanctity of blue lives.


The more you know:

More police have died from CoVID19 over the last two years than were shot in the line of duty. 99% of them unvaccinated. (One wonders how many other people they infected as well?)

Which is why I guess we need to pay police so much more and hire more. Because the people who decide to become police make such great decisions [SARCASM] about their health and safety and the health and safety of others.


Not just cops, but firefighters, truckers and other occupations that attract alpha-males. The common denominator is male cavalier bone-headedness, not conservative/liberal or left/right politics.


"More police
have died from
CoVID19 over the
last two years than
were shot in the line of duty."

Blue Lives MATTER!

"99% of them unvaccinated."

well, tnen, let's
not bother Asking
them for Permission
to Keep Them SAFE.

"(One wonders how
many other people
they infected
as well?)"

well there's
Always gonna
be a 'little' Collateral
Damage when protecting
the Citizenry. it's just a Fact.


Forget KOMO, WTF is a KEXP?
/clutches John in the Morning KCMU mug


@15 & @17 blip, and @16 & @20 kristofarian: I am beyond astounded as to how far The Death Cult Party of Trump and its RWNJ army of sheeple are eagerly willing to go to kill all life on planet Earth, including themselves.
Attention pro-Orange Turd anti-vaxxers like COVID positive Neil Gorsuch, the late Doug the Thug Ericksen, and deceased ex-WSP robocop Robert LeMay: do the world a favor and drop dead BEFORE carelessly endangering the lives of everyone else.


@5 Is there some reason to believe Haskell engaged in prosecutorial misconduct? Maybe I've missed it, but I haven't seen any media coverage suggesting Haskell has done anything beyond staying married to a horrible person. You'd think the local criminal defense bar would have said something by now if there were legitimate concerns about Haskell.



That's because they've been taught to believe this planet isn't of any intrinsic value; just a temporary stopover on their way to heaven. So, why should they give a fuck about it?


So the police that flout mask usage and vaccination and appear on Rightwing radio shows (and explicitly call themselves Trump supporters) and the vast majority of the unvaccinated in America are Red State Republicans… but it has nothing to with left/right? What?


@25 COMTE: And thus, the GOP and their sheeple are hellbent on living in a throw-away society until Earth is an unlivable, blackened out hollowed shell and we all die. RepubliKKKans and their dupes really should all go first, starting with the Orange Turd.


@26: Of course they do. Yes, the vast majority.

But vaccine resistance and defiance is not exclusive to political dispositions. Defiance, fear, distrust, cuts across political lines and they're found in every pandemic throughout history, spouting a variety of reasons (all stupid) for not getting the jab.

A close friend of mine, left to the max, hates Trump, hates big corporations, passionate environmentalist, was dragging his feet getting the vaccine saying "I never get sick but I appreciate your concern" and driving me crazy with worry.

So I got desperate. My friend took my bribe of $1000 and got both shots. Got infected two weeks after the second Pfizer but is now recovered after some minor sniffles and is fine. Now the gratitude, and humility, is very real.

Clearly money well spent!


Wow, raindrop, that's a pretty hefty bribe!
Glad you were able to save your friend from what could have been a much worse outcome than a few sniffles!


@29 - Thanks. One could say, 'well, what kind of friend is that' but now there's a lifetime for maturity and wisdom for that to evolve.


Yes there are antivaxxers on both sides but politics is the strongest predictor of covid vaccine hesitancy. One side is much worse because their leadership and media outlets chose to make vaccine resistance a political wedge issue.

I recently lost a left-leaning friend over our disagreement about the vaccine. There is deep antivax sentiment in the "natural" / "wellness" community that long predates this pandemic, and our society places so much value on individualism that even well-meaning people have no sense of duty to the welfare of those around them. The last couple years have been a clarifying experience for me in so many ways.

Anyway I am just saying this to show that I am not discounting the existence of vaccine resistance on the left, because it's there and its root causes are well documented, just that it is dwarfed by this problem on the right.


What a powerful and unproven, though joyfully irrelevant, anecdote.

But the topic was antivax police who are literally Rightwing.

And the fact remains, a fact that is provable not with anecdotes but real world data, that the vast bulk of the remaining CoVID19 antivax movement are starkly partisan and Rightwing. In fact Republicans are THREE TIMES more likely to be unvaccinated.

“Unvaccinated Adults are Now More Than Three Times as Likely to Lean Republican than Democratic”

(My stars. Is this person for real? Are they really so unrelentingly incredulous and vapid?)


Well, not all things make the news so you can verify.

Reread @31 (or read it for the first time). Not all things are a 100% are they?


And the reread first sentence of @28. Good lord man, what's wrong with you?


And @19 refers to a commonality among the vaccine resistant groups. I never said it was a majority.


But wait, there's more:

What are the politics of the Canadian truckers who convoyed into Ottawa protesting vaccine mandates? I actually don't know. Are they from "red" provinces?


So you rely on things you cannot verify to formulate your policies and opinions?

Lordyloo. Vapid, pointless and stultifying.

(I can see this will go nowhere quickly).


You're not being honest, so I concur with your last statement.

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