Get your Rantz on...
Get your Rantz on... Charles Mudede

Back in October, Jason Rantz, a far-right radio personality whose fame rises every time he tells Fox viewers how horrible Seattle is, made a hero out of Robert LaMay, a "Christian" Yakima-area State Trooper who refused to comply with Governor Jay Inslee's life-saving vaccine mandate and exited his 22 years on the job by filming himself telling the democratically elected head of this state (his boss) to "kiss my ass."

The video of him on the CB and in the dark of his final cop car went viral. He "made several TV appearances, including one where he claimed he and his family 'don’t do vaccines.'” Fox News gave him time on the air as the unvaccinated trooper who lost his job "to a liberal governor."

Four months later, the trooper had pennies on his eyes. He crossed that river too early and for no good reason. He was only 51 when he became one of the nearly one million Americans the virus has killed.

The numbers concerning the dead in the present sequence of the two-year-old pandemic are as obvious as the solution to preventing all that death. A booster would have saved this trooper's life. Most of the sick and gone are unvaccinated.

And LaMay didn't leave just like that. He spent, according to The Daily Beast, four weeks in a hospital. Meaning, he became, like so many anti-vaxxers, a wholly self-posited black hole that sucked in much-needed hospital resources because of a inner void that was confused with a noble conviction.

But Jason Rantz is like a thief with cooking oil on his body when it comes to the sad end of the trooper. He pulls his slippery hand away from the fact that he promoted LaMay's radio Alamo, and instead leaves this post: "Ghoulish vaccine zealots gloat after unvaccinated trooper dies of COVID."


After a battle with COVID, LaMay passed away. And the very people who claim to fervently push vaccinations so that they can help preserve life, revealed they’re nothing more than sanctimonious imposters...

These people scour the internet for stories of “rubes” who won’t get vaccinated, and they will insult them incessantly. It doesn’t matter if there are medical, philosophical, or religious reasons behind the refusal to be vaccinated. That they won’t make the same decision as the zealot is enough to insult and bully.

What is this about? The "Christian" trooper's kiss-my-ass-attitude toward public health and Rantz's promotion of this ass-kissing likely sent a number of people to an early grave. Sure, there were those who were never going to get the jab no matter what, but there were also some who were on the fence, who were wavering, or, as Spinoza put it in the psychological section of his Ethics, "vacillating." But then Rantz, Fox, and social media spread all over the world the images of a cop in his car, a cop on the radio, a cop leaving his job because of his principles. A number of these fence-sitters were moved by the trooper. And a number of those who were moved are certainly no longer among the living.

But what about Rantz? What are we to make of his attempt to denounce the left for its insensitivity? LaMay, like state Sen. Doug Ericksen, is dead, and, no matter what, the dead deserve our respect. He writes: "The zealots claim they’re doing it to protect life. If they care so much about life, why do they mock people who die?"

All of this brought to my mind an amusing story that a Bangladeshi-American once told me over drinks at the Bus Stop, a bar that vanished like Cafe Presse is about to vanish. It concerned the thieves in the slums of Dhaka. They had an impressive trick that seemed to work without fail. Before breaking into a house or business, a thief in a traditional loincloth would rub cooking oil on their body. This oily skin would help them make an escape if they were suddenly caught in the act. Try grabbing their arm? It slips out of your hands. Try getting ahold of a leg, it easily slides right out and splits. No matter what you did, there was no way of getting ahold of this thief covered in cooking oil. The image of slippery skin is exactly what you see when Rantz writes: "One soulless ghoul after another took to Twitter to mock [LaMay's] death, some even dancing on his grave while implying they only had the best of intentions."