a. why do they* Celebrate death’?

and b. ‘my body MY Choice’?

(is that what they
tell the Womenfolk?)

oh and c. ‘rants’?
thought it were Cramps

*the Death Penalty-
lovin’ “pro-Life” party

[oh and what about Polio?
has trumpf okayed that one?]
[bet ol' trumpfy surprised alotta
his Disciples with his Vaxx record]


if Blue Lives Matter
why won't they vax?


Meh. ‘Haha your dead’ is a juvenile storyline even the first time; it’s downright ideology baiting 100 stories later. Zero hearts or minds were changed by this column.


What makes it all particularly frustrating (for me, at least) is that I don't think there's any good whatsoever that'll come of it. Like, one would hope that any of these peoples close family/friends would watch their loved ones die, then issue a contrite plea for others to avoid the same fate by getting vaccinated. But do they ever do that? If so, I've never seen any such action. I've at least half a dozen or so nutjobs on my facebook feed, and I'd bet a pile of cash that if any of them lost a similarly minded friend or family member, they'd likely just convince themselves that it wasn't covid. Or create some other utterly nonsensical BS to justify the selfish and shit-brained behavior. Fucking idiots.


LaMay: "Fuck you, Inslee!"

Rantz: "LaMay is a hero!"

Everyone Else: "Fuck you, LaMay! And while we're at it, fuck you too, Rantz!"

Rantz: "Oooh, lookit teh bullies!"


@3 How many minds have you changed with what is clearly some superior method of... Gosh. I guess nobody knows.


They incorrectly think that if everyone is yelling at them, that they must be right, when it means they're very very very very wrong.

Also, Con Sequences.


Fuck around and find out.


The throwaway Cafe Presse reference was an interesting choice.


I’m personally not reveling in anyones death but of course I’m not going to shed any tears about certain ones either.


Multiple things can be true at the same time.

The officer is a foolish man and paid for his foolishness with his life. Covid is a once in a generation virus (I hope) and to refuse a life saving vaccine is both dumb and reckless. Everything Charles said is correct about him using valuable hospital resources when he could have saved those by getting a shot.

Inslee firing everyone who refused to get a shot had no impact on the trajectory of the virus nor did it spare us from the worst of omicron. Being vaccinated protects the individual but it did not mean you could not still transmit the virus onto others.

The same comments could be made about those who abuse illegal drugs in the parks around Seattle. They too are using up valuable resources due to selfish choices and ultimately killing themselves.


Exactly correct, Charles. TY


@11, I think that Inslee making good on the promise to fire those who refused the vaccine did have an impact on the spread of the virus as proven by Lamay's death. Without the threat of losing their jobs, how many other troopers would have skipped the vaccine, caught Covid and spewed it back into the windows of the motorists they pulled over?
I'm not going to gloat over this man's death, but it does show just how the mandates work.


Always nice to hear Seattle's far left media criticize Seattle's "far right" media.

In fact, one could directly compare those on the left who choose to grave dance about this former trooper's avoidable death with those on the right who do the same about the deaths of hard drug abusers enabled by a coddling city. Or a homeless population drawn to our region from elsewhere because of lax law enforcement, allowed to live outside refusing all public services, and then ultimately dying of exposure, a tent fire, murder, hepatitis, you name it.

Just last week, Charles rooted on juvenile jailbreakers. Surely if he just clutches those pearls a little tighter...


14 is bing misleading. Color me surprised.

Being vaccinated does prevent disease outright in some AND it also significantly shortens the time a person is contageous in others- thus limiting the spread of disease.


The dead deserve our respect "no matter what?" Really? Dead Mussolini deserves respect? Dead Ted Bundy? Are yo suggesting that Dead Donald Trump will deserve respect? With all due respect, you, sir, are out of your fucking mind.


@14 wrong.

These are typical distortions and disinformation talking points. The unvaccinated are 3 to 5 times MORE likely to catch it and spread it. More so pre-Omicron.

So firing unvaccinated healthcare workers made those facilities safer than allowing people 5x more likely to catch and spread a virus to work there.

From the CDC and American Hospital Association:
“Unvaccinated adults 3-5 times more likely to get omicron infection”

Please report comments like @14 for spreading disinformation. Thanks.


He died doing what he loved, being an obstinate moron


16 is correct.

Also, those who are vaxxed are much less likely to catch the disease, and of those that do - they are even much less likely to actually spread it.


Also, this is exactly why Rantz shouldn't have any media presence. He has used it to spread dangerous rhetoric in the past. Now it's used to spread dangerous misinformation.


see also: Project Censored
the Thom Hartman Show
& Democracy Now! for

all available for Free on



Rantz is right on Seattle being terrible, it's fucking filthy! Garbage everywhere! Businesses moving out, crime escalating, it's a cesspool taken over by thugs, the homeless and idiots at the stranger who are in denial that this is progress.


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


@21: Rantz has misguided opinions on vaccine mandates and politics (in my opinion), that's not the same as misinformation.

But most of his commentary on Seattle is spot on. He's also gay BTW.


Mandates increased vaccination rates. Increased vaccination means fewer infections & more low-grade breakthrough cases that would have been more severe.

The governor’s mandates were effective at reducing the disease burden even though the vaccines are not 100% effective at preventing all infections. Two things can be true at the same time but of course I don’t need to tell you this.


Misinformation is false information borne of ignorance. Disinformation is misinformation that is spread with intent.

Anyone saying the vaccines are not effective at reducing infection rates & fatalities is spreading misinformation. Anyone saying so with full knowledge that they are wrong is spreading disinformation.

Personally I think if your career is in talk radio you shouldn’t be offering medical advice that has not been vetted by a credible professional, and your intent doesn’t matter because you know what you don’t know, and you know you aren’t qualified to evaluate medical information, let alone counter what official agencies and most professionals are saying. If you continue to put out bad info after being corrected, you are actively and intentionally spreading disinformation.


This episode reveals that people like rantz view the police as nothing more than pawns in their media careers & to advance their reactionary politics. Rantz is happy to celebrate cops choosing death if can squeeze a moment in the spotlight out of it. Ironically he will be responsible for more dead cops than any blm radical ever could.


@15. Drug addicts are, yanno, addicted? You saying antivaxxer are addicted to being selfish idiots, so we can't blame for their choices?


@26 wow I guess that proves gays can be stupid assholes too! Who knew?

@22 not really. Restrictions are placed on "free" speech all the time when that speech can endanger others



Please tell us you've moved or are moving very soon.


@11: "nor did it spare us from the worst of omicron"

What do you consider to be "the worst of omicron"?


@31 Wrong. The bar for prior restraint of speech is extraordinarily high in the United States. Rantz doesn't say anything that comes close to that bar, nor does he say anything that would reach the lower bar of being justifiably deplatformed.

The censors of the left need to fuck off. Now. Free speech is our most fundamental right. Our country was founded on the principle of using free and fair debate to hash out our disagreements so that we wouldn't have to use bullets. Those who desire to limit speech are fundamentally illiberal, and they unwittingly aid the return of despotism in their crusade to stamp out Enlightenment ideals.

If you don't like what Rantz has to say, maybe it's because he has the facts on his side more often than not and your cognitive dissonance aches. Seattle has become a shithole -- a very expensive shithole -- thanks to the mounting failures of leftist governance. Harrell, Nelson, Davison et al are mere speedbumps on our civic journey over the edge.


@11 "Inslee firing everyone who refused to get a shot had no impact on the trajectory of the virus"

It stopped this one plague rat from using the power of the state to invade people's space and force onto them the virus he was harboring. This way he only had his own personal circle to spread it to


22 when you tell someone to shut up for saying someone else should shut up you are literally doing the exact same thing you are calling someone else a censorious fuckwad for doing. This is indeed a free country so you do you but my god get a clue.


@34, I'm not sure you know what the first amendment means. If rantz were to be deplatformed, that would be the decision of a private business and that is their right. The freedom to be an idiot does not mean freedom from the consequences of that idiocy.


Notice Mister Free Speech up there at #34 is fine with the censors of the right.

And no Ranz is not "more right than he is wrong" about the pandemic or the vaccines. He has been proven wrong on hundreds of occasions. But please go on to list the number of claims he has made about the vaccines that defied medical science and epidemical data but were "correct." With cites. please.

And hilariously Rantz does not allow "debate" on his show. There is no debate, no objective moderator, and no informed experts. Its a presentation. Not a debate.

Rantz show is a series of biases and fallacies presented with total editorial control from a far right perspective with the goal being explicit rightwing propaganda. Which is why #34 loves it.

And BTW free speech cuts two ways. I have every right to ask a private editorial entity (that you all ready expressly hate) to curb disinformation. They don't have to do what I ask. But I have every right to ask for ti. That's called free speech. Don't like it? Move to SovietNorthKoreaIranChina.


You could just go to the website and get the information directly, you know.


I wonder how many times I'll be playing Another One Bites the Dust by Queen this year. When Orange Turd and its Party of 1% bring on their own mass extinction, what's left of us in the developed free world will rejoice.

@1, @2, and @23 kristofarian, @5 and @32 COMTE, @7 Will in Seattle, @17 dvs99, @19 Brent Gumbo, @25 Garb Garblar, and @27, @28 and @29 blip for the group WIN!!!! Bravo and kudos to all.

@15, @22, and @34 Err Boob: Riiiiiight, Mr. Confused lil MAGA shroom. Keep telling yourself that. Now go crawl back into your septic hide-y-hole like the rest of Orange Turd's pathetically loyal but ill-fated Shutzstaffel.

@24 Dumpster Trash: Oh, look! Another parasitic MAGA newbie! If you and your transient ilk leave Washington State that would significantly alleviate the garbage problem.

@36 blip: @22 will never get a clue. A typical MAGA rube, he thinks it's his charm.
Most likely he'll be joining those done in by COVID soon.


@26: Hush, lil Elmer, spare your lies,
Before you drop like Pence's flies.
Be vewy careful of what you spew
Or COVID might come to claim you, too.
Hush lil Elmer, don't say a word
However much you worship Orange Turd.


@36 I did not tell #21 to shut up. I told him to eat shit. Note the difference.

I never once advocated for his comment to be removed. On the contrary, I want censorship calls like his to be seen for what they are, because it demonstrates that the free debate ideal we once had as a nation is eroding.

@37 Rantz has done nothing to merit being deplatformed by his employer. That's the low bar. He has also not even sneezed at anything that could possibly be prohibited by the government. That's the high bar. Your accusation that I didn't know the difference between the two was baseless.

@38 Rantz has said that he is inoculated against the coronavirus, but has come out against the counterproductive government mandates which simply harden resistance to getting the shot. Being fully boosted myself, I agree that heavyhanded mandates have done more harm than good.

He has also rightly criticized public health communicators for taking political stances under the false guise of public health, thereby politicizing big S "Science" and undermining their own credibility in what should be an apolitical vaccination mission.

I disagree with Rantz's opinions all the time, and that's fine because this is the United States where we allow that.

Go ahead and try to curb disliked speech all you want, but at least have the decency to acknowledge that you are indulging an illiberal impulse when you do it.

@40 Adults are talking.


My feeling about the unvaccinated who die is about the same as my feeling about heroin users who overdose.

Too bad, so sad....


"Being fully boosted myself, I agree that heavy handed mandates have done more harm than good."

Please provide a cite the proves this harm. You have yet to cite a single provable fact that Rantz was correct about that the medical consensus was wrong about vis-à-vis mandates or anything else.

However I can provide cites for exactly the opposite.

The American Journal of Preventative Medicine released a meta study in November that proved regions and nations with mask mandates had lower fatality rates. The data is clear and convincing. You may disagree about how they are implemented but that they do more harm.

"Modeling COVID-19 Mortality Across 44 Countries: Face Covering May Reduce Deaths"

"Moattari Co-Authored Study Finds Mask Mandates Reduce COVID-19 Deaths"

Also vaccine mandates work, even locally:
"Predicted impact of vaccine mandates in King County"
"While there was large uncertainty in the estimates due to a large uncertainty in the exact effect size of the proposed intervention, both scenarios showed substantial reduction in infections, detected infections, hospitalizations, and deaths."

AND nationally:
"Federal Research Bolsters the Case for Vaccine Mandates"

This is yet one of many on public health mandates showing positive outcomes. If you like I will link to ALL of them.

It is partisans like you and Rantz that have created this climate of confusion and disruption and your ideology is solely responsible for making public health policy political.

In fact day before yesterday the newly minted Florida State Surgeon General appointed by the far right governor there (after the last one was fired for following scientific data) refused to acknowledge with a simple yes or no that the vaccines work! The rightwing started this pandemic firing and silencing scientific whistle blowers. Your crocodile tears and hysteria fall flat.

And bye the bye we curb dangerous speech all the time. Particular in a crisis that has killed 860,000 Americans in less than two years. (More than were killed in four years of WWII and 10 years of the Vietnam War combined). We curbed dangerous speech during war for the safety and security of the nation.

We curb dangerous speech every day in the US. We curb child porn. We curb terroristic speech. Allowing Rantz to spread total lies about the vaccines and pandemic has killed people. The aforementioned State Trooper being one. He should be booted off the air and statements that spread outrageous pandemic misinformation that have proven to get people killed should be deleted here.

This a particularly ironic talking point coming from a partisan rightwing cult that is currently banning books all over the US.


"You may disagree about how they are implemented but that they do more harm."
Correction: You may disagree about how they are implemented but not that they do more harm.


"It is partisans like you [herr brahms] [NO relation to hair Furor] [presumably?] and Rantz that have created this climate of confusion and disruption and your ideology is solely responsible for making public health policy political."


so do those Ends Justify
them Means herr Brahma?

nearly a MILLION
Dead and counting.

*have Yet to've had a lousy
Shrubbery from Robert
[the herring cut's his
Speciality]! so's you
can Count on &
Trust him.


@22: Hey, Err Boob, here's an idea, however vulgar: If you were to chow down on your own shit would that shut YOU up? I'm just asking for a friend, but I noticed your mouth was full. I'll try again later.

@42 Err Boob:"Adults are talking."
OOOoooooo!....Guess what? You're not one of them! Ach du leiber---mein gott----What a surprise! You must be a hoot--if not a cough, gasp, and a wheeze--at unmasked parties and crowded gatherings.


@42: Wow, Err Boob--suddenly you're all so self-defensive in responding to four commenters in a row, including myself. What are you so afraid of, democracy?
Wails Err Boob: "WAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!! I'm being bullied! HELP, Mr. Rantz!"
Spoken like a truly misinformed lil MAGA shroom, while fully vaccinated Orange Turd is laughing its ass off down in Mar-a-Lunatic Swamp. Man up, mask up, and get your fucking shots already, ya rube, before it's too late for you, too.


@44 Your response is quite detailed, and I will respond in kind. Keep coming back here because I'm busy at the moment so it might take a day or two.

Nobody else has said anything that merits a response.

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