Damn - I don't remember the Block Party looking like that in the late 90's / early 00's! I have not been to CHBP in years, and just researched the tickets. Holy shit I'm getting old. 3 days?!?! $250 VIP passes?!?! I just remember stuffing a couple cold beers in my pockets, and walking over from my apartment to catch some tunes for a few hours.

Dear Stranger - Please keep doing all the great work of keeping us informed of the SMALL / UP AND COMING / FUN bands & djs coming into town. It will definitely shut up the 'Old Bastards' like myself who need help finding some great tunes in a small venue with Rainier and stiff drinks on the menu. Now THAT sounds like the Seattle I grew to love. It's still out there, I just need more help finding it!


Charli XCX AND Remi Wolf! I could scarcely think of two more awesome female solo artists in pop music today.


I love charli xcx but i saw her "live" ca. 2014 and my friends it was not a great show. She just happened to be present on stage while her songs played.


@1 try bar house or clock-out.


β€œTo have something that brings a ton of people to the area and really showcases all the great parts of this neighborhood, I think [Capitol Hill Block Party] is not even just something that we want to happen, but it's something that we all kind of need to happen,” said Johnson in a recent interview.

Gross. Thanks for helping to build new and more lethal variants.

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