'Why not Marmot Day?'
two words: former guy

wore one as a toupee
and now I cannot hear
one whistle and not think
of Impeachment and oft-bank-
rupted Losers incessantly whining

sorry Mr. Marmot
not Your fault


Pandemic looking better but meanwhile king county wants to ease up on jailing repeat felons, sex offenders, etc. Awesome. It’s already pretty hard to actually end up in jail around here.

Pretty pathetic and insane response from the county. What’s next, paying criminals to not commit crimes?


@2 "What’s next, paying criminals to not commit crimes?"

You mean giving them jobs? It's a great idea and often successful, whenever there aren't regressive barriers to felonious applicants.


Hahahahahahahahah. Gasp. Hahahahahahaha.

There is exactly zero chance of Tacoma getting an NFL team.



Yeah, or even just the UBI. Current UBI proposals (like the one recently appearing in a slog guest editorial piece) aren't really feasible, and would need to be implemented on a much larger scale to have a shot at success, but the reality is that the coming robotic revolution is gonna be catastrophically devastating to giant swaths of the populace. Society is going to need to consider some pretty radical changes to avoid landing itself in some sort of a dystopian, hell-ish future and the turning point doesn't feel especially far off.


It wasn't particularly well written, but the linked piece seems to have been satirical.

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and remember to be decent to everyone
all of the time.

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