Two, three, four shots. Whatever makes it safe to drink mules in Ballard on a weeknight.
Two, three, four shots. Whatever makes it safe to drink mules in Ballard on a weeknight. PROSTOCK-STUDIO / GETTY IMAGES

Even more needles in arms: Yesterday, the Washington Department of Health released a statement advising some immunocompromised people to get a fourth shot, which includes two primary doses of an mRNA vaccine, an additional primary dose, and a booster dose. Some immunocompromised people already sought additional shots before this recommendation as the effects of the vaccine appear to wane over time. If it hasn't become clear already, it looks like COVID-19 vaccines will become routine like flu shots. But who knows! It has been a wild couple of years.

The Olympics: Today is the first day of the Beijing 2022 Olympics. In the midst of a global pandemic and a call to boycott, there is a lot more to it than ice skating.

Never forget what the pandemic took from us: The virus pulled the most beautiful Olympic logo in history right out from under us.

We're gonna hear from Bruce today!! Does the constant crime coverage from KOMO, KING5, and KIRO7 scare you? Or at least make you want them to shut up? Well, tune in today at 10:30 am to hear from Mayor Bruce Harrell, Police Chief Adrian Diaz, and Fire Chief Harold Scoggins for an update on the state of public safety in the City of Seattle. Maybe they'll say something that will comfort the suburbs. I hope so.

Winter weather: More than 300,000 people are without power after a massive winter storm hit the central U.S. That includes Tennessee, Texas, Arkansas, Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. This comes a year after Texas froze over while Ted Cruz was in Mexico. Last year, the liberals had a hay day making fun of the dire situation. Please do not do this. Poorly handled weather disasters are not karma for being a Republican or living in a red state.

On the move: According to the New York Times, the winter storm could soon hit the northeast states.

Bring missing Indigenous women home: Rep. Debra Lekanoff, the only Indigenous representative in the State Legislature, is sponsoring a bill to create an Amber alert specifically for missing Indigenous women. Crosscut has the story.

More on these damn schools: So, I think I mentioned it in a past Slog, but the Seattle Times has a little update for us. Remember when the principal at Cedar Heights Middle School in Covington started banning queer books? Well, the librarian at Cedar Heights, who was determined to make the school’s library gayer, spoke out against the principal’s actions in an article from the Seattle Times.

Partygate: Anything that uses the ending “gate” to describe a scandal is necessarily a lesser version of the original, but anyway it turns out that the partying at 10 Downing Street during the pandemic was a very big deal. I am very used to super-spreader events in America being shrugged off. So far, five advisors to Boris Johnson have stepped down.

Not to be a downer on a Friday, but: King County Court Watch, an account that live Tweets eviction hearings on weekday mornings, tweeted this gem out yesterday:

Eviction process: Tenants have to show up to their eviction hearing if they hope to make use of any of the tenant protections the council passed since the onset of COVID-19. In this way, the eviction system works well for tenants who know how to jump through the right hoops, said Edmund Witter at the Housing Justice Project. Once the Seattle moratorium lifts (as of now, that's scheduled for Feb 14, happy Valentine's Day) tenants have six months to claim hardship related to COVID-19 to keep themselves housed. However, landlords can still serve evictions, and tenants have to use that hardship defense in court to keep a roof over their heads. If they can't show up, then tough luck for them.

Baby born at cool time: An Edmonds couple had their second child on 2/2/22 at 22:22 (that’s 10:22 pm for people who look at normal clocks). That’s pretty cool, but not as cool as the fit the parents dressed him in: a knotted swaddle with the instantly recognizable Louis Vuitton monogram canvas pattern printed over what appears to be a camouflage fabric. Very cool. I was not able to find the outfit online, so I assume it is not genuine Louis. Could be wrong. Could be a very rich baby.

That’s not my dad: There was a pretty big mix-up at Tahoma National Cemetery. Two bodies got switched at Curnow Funeral Home, and one family is horrified that the person in the coffin, who was buried next to his late wife in his military uniform after a funeral with military honors, is a stranger. Curnow Funeral Home is now facing legal action.

Dow v. Daviscourt: Conservative journalist Katie Daviscourt got back on Twitter to the relief of her followers after the platform suspended her for 12 hours. According to an article on the Post Millennial, the suspension came after Daviscourt suggested that the Canadian trucker protest against COVID-19 mandates should come to Seattle. But Daviscourt believes that the real kicker was when she said that King County Executive Dow Constantine would “have a heart attack.”

So many fucking dicks: Why the fuck are there so many dicks on Twitters. Not mean people, not trolls, LITERALLY PENISES. I search “Seattle” to find interesting little tidbits for our beloved readers and I am inundated with COCKS. I want NEWS not NUDES.