In Seattle, we used to have cage-free chickens.
Now we have cage-free felons! It's the back to nature movement!


@1 pat L for the WIN!

Where is Morty?


Good question. Morty always had reasonable comments, made from experience, to make about policing.

Guess he decided arguing with us wasn’t worth the time.

A wise person that Morty.


Washington state is a deeply disturbing place to live, this is just one of many reasons why.


if God had wanted Protesters
He wouldda made 'em with
thickened Skulls. Hell
ANY* copper

*do NOT cross that
wafer-thin Blu
Line. 'cept u



Out in the sticks, the police and clergy are pushing a narrative of how the cop's hands are tied. It fits well into their victim narrative.


What is wrong with holding criminals accountable for their actions?


What? Cops suddenly stopped killing so many people when they were afraid the law might hold them accountable for doing so? Color me shocked and awed


I think the legislature learned its lesson.... you need to give the police the latitude to use reasonable force where necessary.

If the police misuse "reasonable force", then that is why there is a court system and anybody, as you can see in case after case in Seattle can bring a cause of action if they feel their rights have been abused.

Now, if we are all done here, can we give the police back their batons, arm them, hire more, increase their budget pay them well and get them back on patrol.

We could use our city back.


It would help if law enforcement didn't have some many drama queens in their ranks.


MrB, wouldn't it be cheaper to retrain the police than require 330million Americans to take courses in subservience? Also they could simply hire smarter cops and fewer vigilantes with inferiority complexes.

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