Mr. Robinson and I are around the same age and have seen a lot of the same things through out the years. It’s good that he’s trying to enlighten younger people to some of the more terrible things that people can do to each other. Why do people have to be so cruel?


@1 -- poor design?



Just taking the words, "CRITICAL", "RACE", "THEORY"

are so malleable and subject to bending and hijacking the intended meaning, that the problem that it is having so much trouble lies squarely on the boneheaded idiots that promoted it for widespread acceptance and teaching.

Leftists are so horrible at messaging:

Defund the police
Black lives matter
Critical race theory

All of them backfired! Who knew!


and righties
so Lousy
at Policy

good thing* they Own

richest Country in the History of the Planet whilst we have ONE THIRD of the fucking Citizenry medically un- and Underinsured.

were your Besties one-tenth as Good at Governing as they are at Messaging they'd have No need to Message.

*for them
for the Rest
of US it ain't.

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