The GOP wants to bring to an end the tyranny of the majority in Washington State.
The GOP wants to bring to an end the tyranny of the majority in Washington State. Charles Mudede

The sinister scheme Democrats have cooked up to hold power forever in the state of Washington? You will not believe this, but it's a bill that "would ban most odd-year elections." Meaning, they are trying to pass a law that will encourage higher voter turnout. According to the weltanschauung of Jason Rantz, which is also the weltanschauung of the GOP, increasing voter participation in an election is inherently "anti-Democratic."


Eyman, a Republican initiative activist, has consistently pushed statewide initiatives through during odd-year elections. They’ve earned the ire of Democrats, which is why, he says, this new legislation is being pushed. He calls it “an attack on the initiative and referendum power.”

We find in this argument something that's similar to the strange idea that improved voter rights and open elections result in the tyranny of the majority.

Meanwhile in Alabama:

Analysts of the aerospace industry are certain that Boeing's next jet will "not mean new work for its Everett and Renton facilities." Puget Sound Business Journal reports that "while the Puget Sound region offers [the Chicago-based and buyback-loving company] an available labor force, it’s no guarantee that work on a new jet will happen in Washington." Why? Because Washington's labor costs are just too damn high. Also, it's much cheaper to build automated factories in states with cheaper labor: "Texas, Alabama and South Carolina."

KOMO to Mayor Bruce Harrell: We are getting more and more restless. We really want to see some action, and we want to see it now. "No more planning the plan. We need action."

The very look and sound of the Seattle Is Dying folks who voted for Bruce Harrell:

Sawant, who is still very much with us, thinks Mayor Bruce Harrell is too much in a rush to end the two-year eviction moratorium. The mayor plans to bury the whole business in the month of February once and for all. Sawant, however, has a counter plan, which is the introduction of legislation that would end the moratorium only when the pandemic ends. Which plan will win the day?

What did a 58-year-old man do when asked for proof of COVID-19 vaccine by a bartender in a Bellevue Applebee's? According to King County Prosecutors, he attacked the bartender with a meat cleaver. And, yes, this sort of thing is getting so old.

However, here is some good news from the headquarters of the very long pandemic:

Weren't we just last week talking about how spring was already here? And do you remember how clear the sky was on Saturday? That day was so glorious, so blue that you could even smell the flowers blooming and buzzing from its near future. But two days later, all the clouds. Today, more clouds and some rain. Where have all those soon-to-be-seen flowers gone?

The lesson of the week:

Truth be told, I'm fine with a cloudy and wet February. My heart, which is a pretty cold place to begin with, will always find its first and final home to be the sharply slanted winter light of the darkling Pacific Northwest.

Was the driver speeding or doing anything reckless like that? This, according to the report filed by Bellevue's police, is of no importance. What matters is: "No one was injured." And so, nothing to look at here. The driver of the massive, gas guzzling pick-up truck simply "lost control and fishtailed" and sent "people on the sidewalk scrambling to avoid getting hit." In short, the sidewalk was like a scene in a creature feature.

Want to see nature without driving a car? Seattle Times has a guide for accessing "trails around Greater Seattle [by] using public transit." Now is a good time to get out of your head that ad of a nature-tough SUV rumbling and tumbling through the wild with its crown of mountain bikes.

Russia's announcement that it will "withdraw some troops from Ukraine’s border" has, predictably, made the stock markets a little too happy.

Mainstream Dems want to make gas cheap again by giving gas-guzzling Americans a "gas tax holiday." When will this madness end? Old mad King Lear echoing in my morning ear: "never, never, never, never, never."

At least this is funny:

Let's end AM with the dubby Icelandic warmth of Yagya's "Sleepygirl 1":