The plan is for Bezos to rebuild and improve the bridge. If it was Oprah's yacht, there would be far less hype and stupidity.


@1 came here to say that, thank you, except if it was Oprah's yacht the hype and stupidity from the GOP would be exponentially larger.

From what I've read BTW, it is the financial responsibility of the boat building company to pay for replacement of the bridge.


I know this is just a round up of news but it I think bears mentioning it was a BLM activist who shot a mayoral candidate that had hiring 300 new officers as a major part of his platform.


I feel like the bigger mental hurdle for the oprah’s yacht scenario is imagining oprah pulling a stunt like this, if she even owned a yacht (she doesn’t). I feel like the source of people’s beef with the bezos yacht scenario is a direct function of bezos being the kind of rich guy bezos is, which is to say the kind of rich guy who expects the entire world to simply bow to his every demand.

Dismantling a historic bridge to free his half-billion dollar yacht wouldn’t be a great look at any time, let alone in the midst of a globally destabilizing pandemic. Not that he cares, which, again, returns us to the problem here. People hate jeff bezos for being jeff bezos, and now they get to throw eggs at him.


@3: Another part of his platform is to keep guns out of the hands of crazy people.


Anyone else getting some obnoxious auto-play ads randomly making their presence known while reading the news? They're and I don't even saw an ad for that site anywhere on the page, though it's pretty unnerving and annoying.


To be fair, the pasta is much better in Rome. Not kidding at. Tomatoes too.


@2 & @4 - Indeed - Couldn't think of another billionaire celebrity who might do that. Apologies to Oprah.

I don't think the Rotterdam would have approved this in the first place if it wasn't in the best interest in the city. The bridge is historic, but not unique for rebuilding to keep up with maritime needs.

blip, the "let alone in the midst of a globally destabilizing pandemic" seems an odd stretch.


It's also true that the bridge was dismantled and restored a few years ago, and it wasn't supposed to be dismantled again. So at minimum, they're jumping the next restoration forward by a few decades.

Putting my professional hat on, I still baffled by the notion that if they didn't dismantle the bridge, they'd build the hull in Rotterdam and do all of the outfitting somewhere else. To me, that's a failure of the design--you should be able to build and outfit most everything, take it out under the 130' tall lift bridge, and then put the masts in and finish out the rigging. If the masts are that integral to the hull, you'll never be able to replace them.

It's also not like the height of the bridge is a surprise to anyone involved. They could have made different design choices and not had to do this. That would have saved everyone money too, since the shipyard wouldn't have to pay to rebuild the bridge. It seems like a case of lousy design.

On the fourth hand, it's pretty unlikely that Bezos had any part in the decision to take apart and rebuild the bridge. This is something that the shipyard and his on-site manager have been working on. At most, it's shown up in the monthly report Bezos' on-site person submits.


It's illuminating to look at the bridge location in Rotterdam. It goes to an island, "Noordereiland". As far as I can tell, it was a railroad bridge, but now it's just a relic. There's a park on both ends. The Koningshaven channel it spans is the only way for ship traffic to pass through town. The bridge to the island on the main channel of the Nieuwe Maas River isn't a drawbridge.

Pretty dumb to build a sailing vessel upriver from a height-limited bridge, but there are a lot of shipbuilders past that bridge.

They'll take it through the channel when Rotterdam is asleep, to limit the egg-tossing.


@3 No surprise that a known racist like you would be the first to point this out. I hope the young man gets the mental help he so obviously needs. Its a shame, as he looks like he had a promising future.



I have never seen District 13 make a racist post.


The Ballard Bridge is "historic" but people wouldn't complain about the structure itself getting replaced for some dumb reason. They'd sure gripe about the traffic problems the work would cause, though.


I’m baffled by the hatred the left has for Bezos. Compared to some of the real evil billionaires Bezos is a saint.

I mean it’s not like he ever convinced the US to invade Iraq, or shielded brutal Middle Eastern monarchies.


If the county is able to find housing for 3,000 refugees in that amount of time then we should be able to find housing for the homeless given the years that it has been an "emergency". What's the issue? Sounds like money and space aren't the problems.

Waiting to hear from the genius Stranger why we need millions more dollars to solve homelessness, but can house 3,000 refugees in a matter of months.


@15 The obvious reason is that refugees aren't drug-addled wastrels, but people seeking a new start and willing to work to et it.


@12: exactly

@11: It is not racist to state a fact. Furthermore, the overall BLM is not diminished by the shooter.


Zillow says that poor Stephanie's home has gone up $300,000 in value since she bought it in 2020. That's a lot of pasta!


The Oscar hosts will likely be a welcome change of pace, devoid of the typical cringing attempts at humor we've seen in recent years.


Where are the pirate ships when you need them?


@12/17 thanks!

@11 you’re the only one that brought race into this so you may want to re-examine your own bias on this issue. I thought it was worth mentioning this wasn’t a random act and was likely politically motivated. Thanks for continuing to demonstrate how thin skinned progressives are to perceived criticism though.


Step One: Deliberately associates BLM (with the word "black" right there in the name) with a lone shooter.

Step Two: Then claims "YOU BROUGHT RACE INTO IT!"

Step Three: Blames "progressives."


The BLM association is newsworthy because an activist committed to the cause should not go around shooting people.


@22 BLM is a political movement. The shooter literally could have been any race. Your attempts to silence discourse you disagree with are pretty sad. Are you going to infer I’m a facist next?


Oh no, Nothing racial about BLM. Just a "political movement".

I do agree that it adds insight to point out that the mayoral candidate was pro-police, campaigning on support for huge staffing increases, and that the shooter was active in the BLM protest movement. But while there are ways to write it that don't make you sound like a racist, I know you prefer to provoke troll and pick fights.

I may as well point out that the shooter was a gun owner, then act shocked when rwnj readers call me an anti-freedom "leftist", fanning myself furiously, "What? He owned a gun! It's just a fact, jeez!"


"But while there are ways to write it that don't make you sound like a racist."

How? You think this is racist? Here's how the Louisville Courier-Journal reported it:

"Louisville, Kentucky, has become one of the most violent cities in America. So violent, in fact, that one of its most vocal gun control activists—a Black Lives Matter protestor who had been promoted by the local progressive establishment for years—attempted to murder a Democratic candidate for mayor on Valentine’s Day."

Or you could save words and just say "BLM protestor" but I guess clarity and brevity is now racist.


Control F on your comment history for: "...bears mentioning it was a Republican activist..."

Results: Zero.

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