Any other form of "compensation" besides a living wage is just an extra helping of shit on the sandwich. These workers provide a vital, necessary, and indispensable service, and any employer, including the State of Washington, that can't meet a minimum, fundamental standard of fair pay for fair work, should be thoroughly shamed for their parsimony.



What FDR may have said nearly 85 years ago regarding public sector unions is irrelevant to today's reality: they exist, and the federal government via the National Labor Relations Act has acknowledged their right to exist. Deal with it.


The snake eats its tail. You can never be woke enough.


Good lord this country has a sick fetish of shitting on anyone who dares to want better for themselves.


“And yet, they couldn't even get it to the House floor.”

Let’s be clear: legislators could have gotten that bill to the House floor. They chose not to.

The Legislature’s majority party leadership (Democrats) have absolute and unilateral power when it comes to setting the agenda and deciding what gets debated and what doesn’t; there is not a filibuster or other comparable method standing in their way.

Even the ‘oops, we ran out of time’ excuse is bullshit. When legislators wanted to exempt themselves from the Public Records Act in the wake of a lawsuit that didn’t go their way, they wrote and passed a bill out of both chambers in less than 24 hours. They waived all the self-imposed rules and deadlines that stood in their way.

With a few more embarrassing headlines, legislators might create a blue-ribbon panel to study the issue


What … no debate and subsequent resolution from the Seattle City Council in support of the organization effort? Kshama Sawant must be out of town.

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