Why have we not lowered the voting age to 16?! They can work. Their labor is taxed, but they have no say in how the pricks in DC spend their money. They drive cars and trucks that weigh thousands of pounds which can kill or maim a biker or pedestrian, yet they cannot vote. What...the...hell!

They are born into the Anthropocene and must deal with climate destruction and species extinction (of which they are innocent) that their elders primarily caused through their voting habits. Yet the youth don’t get a vote to reverse this suicidal course?

Voting should be part of their educational process. Are we turning children into anti-citizens when they become voting adults by excluding our youth from decision-making in government by denying them the vote? Have they been politically castrated by the time they finally reach voting age? Maybe that’s the whole point.

If knowledge, experience, and understanding were criteria for voting, most American adults would not qualify. “Adult” voting since American inception leaves a bloody trail stained with misogyny, racism, and cruelty upon the working class. Patriarchy and oligarchy have ALWAYS encouraged the anti-citizen.

So I fucking challenge us to empower our children. Most adults keep voting like anti-citizens. Let the 16 and 17-year-olds vote! See how long Ann Davidson, Donald Trump, and the other servants of the violent ruling class would last under a barrage of 16-year-old voters.


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