Mmm the rich, full-bodied aroma of collective bargaining
Mmm the rich, full-bodied aroma of collective bargaining Suzi Pratt / Getty Images Stringer

There’s going to be a rally in support of unionizing Starbucks workers at 4:30 pm today outside the roastery at 1124 Pike St. Even if you can’t make it, here are some ways to support them.

So, everything’s back to normal at local hospitals, right? Hahaha no, beds are pretty full and staff are pretty busy. Though infection rates are going down, now there’s a bunch of catching up to do on care that was postponed, not to mention people with a long recovery from COVID and people who are vulnerable to more serious complications:

It’s clammin’ season! Hot off the presses, the Dept of Fish and Wildlife has announced 25 days for digging up razor clams on Washington beaches. All dates are pending marine toxin testing, but if you’re comfortable assuming a little risk, you can head out today, tomorrow, and also in March and April.

Check out this hypnotic transit gif. Put on some lo-fi beats, get super high, and stare at this animation all afternoon.

More housing, please. Read up on the new affordable housing built by the Chief Seattle Club, known as ʔálʔal and designed from the ground up to serve native people.

I cannot begin to describe to you how light-headed Cyrano made me. Full review coming soon. In the meantime, know this:

Another day, another encampment sweep. This time it’s Seven Hills Park on Capitol Hill, following complaints from nearby property owners. Sweeping other nearby parks over the last few months appears to have pushed many people to this one. But THIS time, THIS time the sweep will be totally different, we swear. THIS time we’ll end homelessness for good. Just one more sweep is all it’ll take. Meanwhile, a handful of major businesses have pledged $10 million to a program that essentially provides ongoing caseworkers for people currently living on downtown streets.

Oh and by the way, it’s about to get really cold. Excellent timing! Next week could get back down into the 30s.

Pike Place Market is finally car-free! But just temporarily, for construction equipment. Sorry.

Please do not zap the planes. Someone’s been blasting lasers at planes near Sea-Tac, which is super dangerous and will set you back $11,000 if you’re caught. (Or $31,000 for a repeat violation.) Laser strikes are at an all-time high for some reason that nobody can quite figure out, but it's gotta be connected to the pandemic somehow, right???

Major transit hearings coming up. Call your Representatives now and tell them to support HB 2119, which would tax polluters and build cleaner transportation; it gets a hearing this afternoon at 3:30. Also tell them to support HB 2062, which would secure funding for transportation projects and will likely get a hearing on February 26.

Okay now you’re just showing off. Good work moon, good work Seattle, and good work photographer Sigma Sreedharan.