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@1. Like in Ottowa, where blocking traffic gets you millions in donations. Get real shitbag



But it's alright! Cause it's all white.


It was a gunfight not a shooting.


Didn't say I agreed with it or that it is right. It is not. If you play golf in a thunderstorm don't be surprised if you are hit by lightning.


haven't "republicans" already
Legalized running over Their
political opponents if they
happen to be on (or
near) the road?

why all the


@7: No. You liar. They were directing traffic away from route of the planned march. The man came OUT OF HIS HOUSE, shot and murdered this woman.
You colossal piece of shit.


omg not Shot by an off-Duty
Po-po by any Chance?
talk about takiing out
the Middle Man


Isn’t Minneapolis something like 1.700 miles from Portland?

Why would anyone in Minneapolis care what a bunch of Portland anarchists do?


Honest question: Wouldn't removing that mile of SR 99 just put traffic between the Kent Valley warehousing area and the south Seattle industrial area/Harbor Island onto the local streets, increasing both congestion and pollution?


Isn’t Minneapolis something like 1,700 miles from Portland?

Why would anyone in Minneapolis care what a bunch of Portland anarchists do?


@10: Unless there was a parade permit, unauthorized redirecting equates to blocking traffic.


The weather should make no difference in the timing of encampments sweeps.

The sweeps should be conducted within 90 minutes of when the encampment first appears.

What, are you worried that all that precious fentanyl, heroin, and meth will be washed away?


"Go block traffic in Portland" is the new "Take a long walk off a short pier."


shorter @18: blocking traffic is violence, and therefore it was a defensive gun use.

holy fuck slog is a open sewer these days.


@21 Mr. Beta, you're the toughest of internet tough guys, aren't you?


The Selma Marches blocked traffic too, and George Wallace deployed troops and police to beat the nonviolent marchers to a bloody pulp. So many of you chuds have no dignity or respect for the rights you ascribe with a blatant double standard to the ingroup and demonize the outgroup. You are less than homeless, you are strangers to the soul of your own nation. Be cleansed by shame, filth.


‘So many of you chuds
have no dignity or respect
for the rights you ascribe with a
blatant double standard to the ingroup

and demonize the outgroup. You are
less than homeless, you are
strangers to the soul of
your own nation. Be
cleansed by

Well put

but Shame
ain’t part of
the so-called
‘right’s’ Lexicon


@20/21 they are neighbors but what Matt never mentions is they is a decent percentage who are assholes and no one likes assholes for neighbors. People who spend their time shooting drugs, stealing, leaving trash and crap all over the place, harassing people and in some cases assaulting them for no reason are assholes and even if they were housed no one would want to live near them. This why the homeless hotels are so vehemently opposed every time they pop up in neighborhood. It's not that people are opposed to homeless neighbors. They are opposed to all the bullshit that goes with it from the assholes. If TS wants to actually see progress they should stop lumping in the bad actors with the rest of the homeless population. Until then you are going to continue to see pushback from the rest of the community who are completely fed up with the enabling of the city council and the activists.


@24: Yes, and include the mad truckers who blocked the Ambassador Bridge going into Detroit from Canada.

The nobleness of the cause is always blemished by the fact that traffic is still blocked risking minor to major consequences - for better or for worse.


@27. Hell no, those insane fools were blocking traffic to have the right to be irresponsible and spread a virus, utterly disrupting supply chains, and were untouched and egged on by corporate media.

You dare to contrast that with murder and state sponsored brutality for civil rights? Sickening.


@28: I'm making no such contrast. I'm saying that a protest that blocks traffic has consequences no matter what the cause is. And going on I add must be evaluated as to whether the risk to the public is justified.

Don't get mad when I point out the obvious and logical.


@29. You're mad to speak of such disjoint matters dispassionately. Your logic is twisted by sophistry and tastelessly transparent contempt by false equivalency to enable unjust tyrrany and terrorism of people in their homes over true pursuit of freedom and the betterment of mankind. Get some class, Sea Bass.


Hit-and-run has become a way of life. I used to think the driver must be drunk, on-the-lamb, or maybe undocumented, but no, not really, Now, it's just, "Oh shit, Let's get out of here!" Heartless, really.

Euphoria is about three-hundred miles away from Glee. Last night's episode was a rather brilliant anomaly in the sense that the story isn't usually told via a high-school play. My issue with Euphoria is that it is so very dark - and I keep hoping it isn't a true reflection of most young people because boy, if it is....


@29 Garb I know it's hard for activists to accept this but the fact is protests are absolutely useless whether conducted by the left, the right, the greens, blues, or reds.

I've commuted to downtown Seattle for a decade so my commute has been disrupted innumerable times by countless protests and I honestly don't know what any of them were about. Honestly for all I know there were anti-abortion protesters chaining themselves in the street.

You can carry all the signs you like and chant catchy slogans all night long and you will not create one ally.

Hell what did all the protests in 2020 accomplish? Not a god damned thing.


There's sort of a parallel between homeless situations now and The Haight back in the Sixties. First came the lost souls on some kind of journey of discovery, but that attracted dispirited young teenagers, also looking for something, who were broke, shoeless, and hungry, and who wound up having to do some pretty disgusting things in order to stay alive. The last group to arrive were the graduates of the Charlie Manson School of Social Etiquette.


@16 This is a write up of who was 'blocking traffic' you feckless cunt: "Knightly, her friends said, regularly collected clothing and food for those in need. She teamed up regularly with her friend, Chrissy Van Osdol, to deliver food to people experiencing homelessness. The two also stood with Black Lives Matter signs on a busy corner in Southeast Portland, where they endured verbal and sometimes physical abuse from passing motorists who would throw objects at them. “I have disabilities of my own,” Van Osdol said. “We kind of hit it off. Here we are these two disabled ladies standing up against people who are bullying us.” Katherine Knapp said her wife would have been among the first to deescalate tensions at a protest and she imagines she tried to reason with the man who ended up killing her. “She would have been the one talking to him, to deescalate things,” she said. “She was really good at that and trying to be human with him and trying to understand.”

You suck. Nobody cares what you say. All you do by coming here is affirm your own lack of humanity. Get a life you sick apologist fuck. And you wanted to vote down a school levy, who does that?



a little
bit of 'psych-
ology' is Not your friend.

seek Help.


@35: These tangential color details don't negate the fact that they were, of course, blocking traffic.

As far as the school levy goes, it was voted down in the 70s. Actually, I'm for a state income tax provided there's a relief in property taxes so that everyone gets extorted equally for funding bureaucratic expenditures.


Raindrop dear, the 70's school levy failed because racist Seattle parents were terrified of bussing.

Every wonder why there are so many private schools in Seattle? That's your answer.


BLM has never blocked traffic for entire cities and border crossing FOR WEEKS at a time.

So the comparison is vacuous, empty and fallacious.

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