Cars primarily pose risk to pedestrians when pedestrians are in the street, and crosswalk safety is managed by other means besides helmets (designated crosswalks, walk/don't walk signs, etc). If someone is hit by a car while jaywalking, their doctors and nurses might be upset about that, but it would be weird for healthcare providers to be upset about someone failing to obey safety precautions that do not exist.


I'm comforted that popular rappers will never be ambassadors, secretaries of state, or presidents.


Cardi B doesn’t need another microphone.


Well now you're doomed to see it in your lifetime, raindrop. Ha ha. Seriously though, would a popular rapper be worse than Mike Pompeo, or Rex Tillerson? I think not.

Blip, Jay is a slur. It's meaning is similar to "hick" or "hill billy" or "cracker" or "dumbass" or "shitkicker" or any number of other pejoratives we have for the less-citified among us. Jay Walking was a term coined to ridicule the pedestrian and blame them for getting themselves killed. Jay Walking started as PR campaign in the 1920s by the auto manufacturers through local "Automobile Clubs" to blame pedestrians for getting hit, maimed and killed by cars -- when it was clear to all that the cars were clearly the issue.

Prior to that the streets were open to everyone as the legal rule was that "all persons have an equal right in the highway, and that in exercising the right each shall take due care not to injure other users of the way".

But Big Auto fixed all that. Now we can kill people with impunity in the streets as long as you use a car to do it.

Good job hauling Big Auto's water! Freedom!


Yes i understand we live in a car-centric culture and expect everyone to accommodate cars to their own inconvenience. My point is that helmets are a specific inconvenience we ask of bikers while pedestrians are asked to cross at crosswalks and obey signals to preserve their safety, in lieu of wearing helmets. Not sure how pointing out that crosswalks are analogous to bike helmets amounts to hauling water for big auto but i'm flattered that you think my rinkydink comments on a regional news blog are powerful enough to sustain a trillion dollar global industry. Frankly i'm not even trying, i'm just here to kill time.


also i think it's funny that anyone would care at all what a healthcare worker has to say to someone when they are injured but perhaps there is some back story here i'm missing out on bc those concerns are gravely misplaced


I want to be Philip Crowther when I grow up.


@2, 6, 7: your restraint is admirable.
@5: i had not known that.

weyerhauser's office and the ground floor retail changed the story of occidental park, which had been missing front doors for it's entire creepy existence. the backside of 1st Ave. buildings and a parking lot weren't exactly CPTED hallmarks. glad the workers are coming back to downtown in March; it will change the equation on the streets.


I know snow and arctic cold are a big deal in Seattle because it doesn't happen very often. And I know - like in the Northeast - there can be snow storms and blizzards that shut down everything. And of course, there's the threat of cold killing off the citrus crop if the frost line moves into central Florida.. All newsworthy items, but it still rankles me a little when in mid-February the news in areas where you'd expect winter precipitation talks about snow and cold a-comin'. called winter. Los Angeles is the same with rain. Two inches expected! Armageddon!

I so admire people who have mastered even two languages. But four, five, six or more. Amazing. I'm convinced that to be able to do that, you have to start learning them as a child and you have to live where they are spoken. I've known people who have studied French here in the States for years. They go to Paris and are LOST. There just doesn't seem to be any way around it. If you want to fully comprehend, say, Portuguese, you're going to have to move to Rio or Lisbon for a while.

Lastly, is Putin losing his marbles?


@7 I think it was a backhanded swipe at health care providers who are frustrated with unvaccinated COVID patients. Because naturally that's exactly the same thing as getting blindsided by a car.


“ … corner much of the city sees as nothing but a portal to all that is in and makes up hell …”

And how do you see 3rd and Pine, Charles?


I always thought the corner of 2nd and Pike was portal-of-hellish, but now that the Bon Marche is closed, it's probably degrading.


FFS - it snowed like half a fucking inch. Lay off the salt trucks. What city office should I send the bill for my new muffler to?


And the crisis will be day we start listening to Cardi B on international affairs. Even the fucking Kardashians have kept their mouths shut on this.


1 - Not if he presents a valid American Express Card upon entry.


I think it's hilarious to see ice-t cashing in during his boomer years. Along with Shaquille O'Neal and other Black entertainers Tire commercials! Insurance! Cereal boxes!
And yes, the Weeknd is having a fabulous run of music!


Mark Lanegan died. Seems like that might rate a footnote on this Seattle blog.


@20 - yes, sad news.

Still pretty recent though and the stranger barely discusses “ancient history” type of music but will mention j Bieber coming to town…


@5. Don't forget peckerwood.


'2’s' Day
Indeed Chas!

& THNX for
all your


I see your Philip Crowther and raise you Paul Robeson



@20 SLOG now runs on autopilot. Humans available only for takeoff and landing.


Dear Mudede
It would be a professional move to indicate a paywall when you link to a source, (PSBJ) instead of reporting just a tease of the story.
Many national news aggregators I read have the courtesy to include this information.

You, working from a news source yourself, which probably subscribes, likely get right in.
You should check/edit ALL of your source links at least once (from a regular citizen account) to have a handy list of who paywalls immediately and who doesn’t.

Otherwise you’re wasting my time. That makes me lose respect for your professionalism. I believe that you genuinely want to be of service in informing the public, and this is an opportunity to polish your presentation, however minor.
Thank you.


Bon Soir #9
A very pleasant way to maintain or enrich language skills as used in real life is to use the current media. French movies are great for training your ear and you’ll laugh at how much the English sub-titles are cleaned up. I used to translate one article from a French fashion magazine every month; it’s nothing like the stiff language in class. It’s amazing what just having a radio or TV station in your focus language will do, even if you’re not especially paying attention.
I watched a 30+ episodes detective series in Italian and learned some epic filthy language. It’s great when you can stop the show and look up specific terms, especially insults which will come in handy. I’ll never forget cussing out a pickpocket in Paris and the astonished look of respect I received! Priceless.

I believe that you can learn a great deal about a culture when you are able to compare their wording with our own phrases. For instance, a contact lens in French translates into ‘lentil’ which is exactly the right shape!! And what is the lowest form of disparagement? What does it say about the US in regards to “Mothuh Phukker”?

And like you mention... ‘pillow talk‘ is highly recommended too!


you do
'growing up'
I'm gonna need
a Taller Computer.

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