It's certainly a shock to all of us that the usual Blog commentariat are not in here with the " must be noted that the shooter was a known rightwinger."


That all seems utterly predictable. RIP June Knightly. Guns make everything worse.

@1: YOU are the "usual Blog commentariat". He was known to his roommate as a depressive right winger with an arsenal. Does that count?


@2 I was clumsily referring to the fact that usual racists never fail to utilize guilt by association of anything happens remotely involving a perpetrator with leftist or BLM leaning sympathies. If that was not clear.

Literally five comments about the guy that shot the mayor kept saying over and over "it must be noted he was a BLM activist."

It must? Why?

Then followed by lengthy whining rants about how that poster could not ever — ever— be a racist. [Narrator: They are.] Because BLM is a political organization.

(And you will find my posting frequency is one tenth of the trolls in question.)


«Smith, 43... has harbored growing animosity against Black Lives Matter protesters, COVID-19 mask mandates, unhoused Portlanders, and liberals, according to his roommate.... Smith collects guns, and kept at least four in his bedroom.
“He talked about wanting to go shoot commies and antifa all the friggin‘ time,” »

Well that is just a Salt of the Earth type of guy!


@5 the lack of comments regarding the political leanings of the shooter are not necessary because they are actually reported on in the article. Like the Nashville shooting the political leanings of the shooter are absolutely relevant to crime committed. In this case the guy was against BLM and he shot some BLM supporters. In the Nashville case the guy was a BLM supporter and shot a political candidate who was pro public safety. That isn't racism its factual, relevant information that speaks to the motivations and intent of the shooter. You my friend are the one that brings race into it by assuming all BLM supporters are African American.


I feel sad for the Don Quixote here with no windmills to attack.


So another racist, misogynistic, incel in PDX strikes again. He should've just done himself a favor and joined the Portland Police Department. that way, he could've been paid to be racist, misogynistic, anti-homeless, anti-BLM, and anti-mask mandate.


Ah. Yes. Of course. Because deliberately outlining an association with BLM isn't bringing 'race" into it.

Your credulity is already pretty strained on this one but we await a further ten posts outlining how BLM isn't about race while you dig the trench even deeper.


Notice they conveniently neglect to speculate on which specific political affiliation the rightwing shooter in Portland has.

Maybe rhymes the Schampublican or Schmaga?


These protests always turn violent in one way or the other. And what real purpose do they serve? What really is the outcome from these protest? Nada. Just violence and upset people who get more upset and radicalized.


Heavens to Murgatroyd! We don't want to upset the racists!

Won't somebody please think of the racists for once!


@10 you're right, my credulity is pretty strained when it comes to your comments however my credibility is just fine thank you. You're free to speculate about the political leanings of the shooter in Portland but of course that doesn't say anything about his race. Such a weird way to try to suppress a conversation you don't approve of.


Constantly using "racists" in nearly every post is indicative of trolling that can be safely disregarded.


God bless you scrubs' cognitive dissonance, so precious and vapid.


Abort all future gun owners. It's easy to predict in advance, and much easier than dealing with them once their shitty lives get underway. The second ammendment is lie. If it ever comes down to the People needing to overthrow an oppressive regime, they can do what everyone else has done, and acquire arms illegally. Civilians legally welding guns — especially brain-damaged monsters like this shitstain — is a danger to the public. All the civilized nations recognize this, and have only minor problems with firearms, usually gang related liquidations, not knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers expressing their "political" speech with bullets.


"In some [cases], a determination
has to be made of who is a sus-
pect and who is a victim.”

never wanna
Shoot first and
Ask questions later

“Cases can be fluid [video edited]
[stories sraightened] [loose ends tied],
and as additional facts are “learned” [quotation marks
all mine], who is a victim and who is a suspect can also change."

our sympathies may vary
we're your friendly

got a Problem with
that my friend?


@20: Dude came out of his house and unprovoked shot 4 unarmed women, but the "big part of the problem" is Antifa/BLM?

FFS, you'd think you'd have a massive hard on for the person who pulled off an actual successful Defensive Gun Use, but you've got an agenda to push.


@21 One of the unarmed women he shot was almost 60 years old. Classic AntiFa.

These racists just regurgitate every Rightwing racist talking point, meme, and dog whistle that flits by their Facebook pages.

The fact the Stranger tolerates these white supremacists dog whistlers belies their absurd accusations that the Stranger is overly censorious.


Gaspar dear, it looks like maybe Mother Nature is on your wavelength.....


@23: ewww, let's not pair Mother Nature with COVID as some did with God and AIDS.


Raindrop dear, the year is still new. Perhaps you should strive to not to be such a simpering hand-wringer in this new year?

No one chose to get AIDS. The anti-vaxxers did.

Do you understand the difference, dear?


Oh dear, that should have read "The anti-vaxxers are choosing to get Covid"

Mrs. Vel-DuRay regrets the error.


@25: Yes, but the difference is outweighed by the fact that not all were able to get the vaccine in time before infection and some vaccine resistance is born out of fear of needles, misguided concern about reactions and so forth. These people also deserve compassion in the eyes of God.


Besides, using God for snarky vengeance is not a look we should adopt from the bigoted.

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