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A sweet new window gallery has popped up in north Beacon Hill called Walk Up Gallery (WUG). And, as advertised, there's no need to enter a space or pay for a ticket. You can just walk right up to it.

WUG is snuggled inside The Grocery Studios, described by Crosscut as an "in-the-works private art studio/home/multidisciplinary art space" being helmed and renovated by artists Demi Raven and Janet Galore. The historic site constructed in 1929 is plopped right in the middle of a residential area and originally functioned as a corner grocery store in the last century. Now, it's an arts space among a bunch of homes—something I'd like to see more of in other densely populated regions of the city.

While The Grocery Studios' official grand opening date has not yet dropped, WUG is an excellent addition to the neighborhood. Occupying the two windows originally used for display by the Ulovitch Grocery in the 1930s, WUG will be open morning, noon, and night for free with artists rotating every six weeks. There's also handy QR codes you can scan in order to learn a bit more about what's on display. You can even purchase art if you're feeling frisky on your midnight walk (all sales go directly to the artist, who are all paid a "modest stipend," says WUG's website).

And they could not have picked a better artist for the inaugural exhibition in the space: Seattle ceramicist and Beacon Hill resident Saya Moriyasu. In honor of the Lunar New Year and welcoming in the year of the tiger, Moriyasu brought out some cats and her deeply beloved (especially by me) riff on Fu dogs, Chinese guardian lions which are typically made of stone. (In English, we call these animals "dogs" as a result of mistranslation and misidentification). Her colorful and sassy Fu dogs are more cat than lion, their faces frozen in a permanent hissing position with lil' fangs out and eyes bulging. A banner in Japanese translates to "Infinity Is In You." Which is true!

Saya Moriyasu's creations are up on display at Walk Up Gallery through March 18. It's free, 24/7, and perfect to stroll by during your morning, afternoon, or evening walk.

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