Sure is.
Sure is. matt baume

So, war. Russia's invading Ukraine, dozens are confirmed dead, and Biden has promised to sanction Russia. He'll deliver an address at 9:30 am PST. Meanwhile, there's fighting near the Chernobyl containment zone, which happens to lie in the most direct path from Belarus to Kyiv. Putin delivered a speech this morning in which he threatened nuclear retaliation if the west intervenes.

Be skeptical. There's going to be so much misinformation, and so many people trying to use the violence to their advantage. Watch out for news that's not confirmed, watch out for word-of-mouth, and watch out for events, fundraisers, and aid efforts that aren't vetted by someone you trust.

Is Seattle a target for a nuclear attack in general? Yes, of course we are — we’re a major population center with a big aerospace industry, several military bases, and a nearby nuclear arsenal. Of American cities, we’re one of the closest to Russia, and it is currently against the law for Washington state to plan for a nuclear attack. The good news is that if an atomic weapon does fall on Seattle, there’s a good chance you’ll be dead before you’ll be able to worry about it. If you do want to be prepared; your emergency kit should contain a gallon of water per person for at least a week; a first-aid kit; N95 masks and hand sanitizer; large trash bags; a hand-powered lamp and radio; a fire-starter; a multi tool; a whistle; duct tape; road maps; and a fire extinguisher.

If you can stomach it, here’s Donald Trump praising Putin last night.

Here’s more data about how vital it is to get vaccinated. Washington’s COVID dashboard now includes booster data, and no shock — people who are boosted are far less likely to have serious health impacts, to be hospitalized, and to die. Eater Seattle is compiling a list of businesses that will continue to require proof of vaccination after March 1.

It’s cold! The region’s latest extreme weather has us breaking the old cold-weather record. More chilly weather is in store today, but it should warm up a bit over the weekend… just in time for several days of rain next week. Look, you knew what you were getting into when you moved here from California.

The other scandal out of Texas. Governor Greg Abbott is making headlines for basically criminalizing trans youth, but he ALSO ordered the state’s power grid to jack up prices and gouge residents for billions of dollars during last year’s winter storm, according to the head of the state’s Electric Reliability Council.

Do you want to make more money? Sure, we all do. King County Metro is recruiting participants for a study on regional mobility, and if you’re eligible you’ll get up to $120.

Starbucks unionizing effort continues. Workers set up a table to conduct outreach yesterday in Westlake. So far, over 100 locations are in the midst of unionizing, but a union organizer in Everett has described company behavior that sure sounds like retaliation. Sign the solidarity pledge here, and if you find yourself in Everett on Feb 26th, join the Union Strong convoy.

Who’s stealing from whom? Councilmembers Lisa Herbold and Andrew Lewis are asking for an audit into organized retail theft. The City Auditor will “engage with local businesses in order to directly learn from their experiences.” Hey, while you’re at it, maybe audit those businesses for wage theft, which costs workers billions each year.

Happy birthday, Molalla and Ahanu! I sincerely love how that “cake” looks and would like a similar presentation on my birthday, please.

Would you like a fur friend of your own? You cannot have those river otters, but perhaps Clayton (named, I assume, for Blanche Devereaux’s brother) has a place in your home.

Please take a moment to bother your elected officials. Today the House Ways and Means Committee will consider HB 1099, which basically incorporates climate protection into the state’s planning process. Register your support here.

This is what you sound like. I am TRANSFIXED by this prisencolinensinainciusolian video about what English sounds like to people who do not actually speak it. All those gestures!!!

Could you use one more nice thing this morning? Here is one of my favorite moments from Voyager, just a really sweet little scene with two great actors doing their thing.