After Ex-Prezinazi AntiChrist and the GQP morons overthrow democracy/the US government in 2024, we're also going to be unpleasantly surprised when our "allies" cravenly refuse to sanction to the brutal, illegitimate Republinazi dicktatershit.


NATO didn't fail to ban SWIFT because they're Capitalist pigs. Grandpa Joe tried, but no sale. The European governments are afraid of "the people." Jack up the cost of energy and the people will kick you to the curb at the next election, if not before (see France, see Chile, etc., etc.). That's why we will lose the climate war, and why Putin has no fear.


3) I'm surprised you can write that and not think twice.


We are the enemy


what a depressing headline. jeez. :'(


Depressing day


Anthropomorphizing an economic system as "digging this war" is well, silly.


I'm not foreign policy expert but it seems that unloading your entire bag of sanctions on Day 1 really leaves you nowhere else to go beyond military force.


The Stranger had nothing but derision for small businesses a few weeks ago, so OF COURSE political expediency plays into a narrative. I’m not buying this concern for the business community when they had this to say on 2/9:

“Small business is finally at the table: Today, at long last, Seattle's most marginalized group, the business community, got to share its untold stories. The Seattle City Council hosted the safe space during its Economic Development, Technology & City Light committee meeting.” Etc.


Glad you are writing about the Ukraine. Now do Yemen, Afrin, Iraq, Armenia, and Ethopia.
Or do only white people being bombed matter.


I thought every business can afford to pay $15 an hour in wages. You mean some aren’t viable with that cost?


@11: From the AP to Al Jazeera, no reports of recent bombings in those countries (Afrin?).


If Charles Mudede actually knew anything about economics do you think he would be writing for this crappy little website?


re Boeing Boeing gone!

Labor too Pricey?
lay 'em off

Pilots too greedy?
hide the software

FAA too Nosy?
shun 'em

Boards of Directors
too cheap (productswise)?
sue ‘em!

Hand It
to the Investors


Silly small businesses, don't they know they have to be big so they don't have to pay any taxes?


“ Capitalism got to capitalism”

I enjoyed scrolling through a dozen or so ads while trying to read Charles’ anti-capitalism screed. Charles’ lack of self-awareness is generally a good source of entertainment. It’s like he has no idea his writing is nothing more than means to generate page views for Index Newspapers LLC so it can sell ad space.


@11: Ah yes the classic deflection favored by toddlers everywhere: bUT BiLLy diD iT ToOoO
Grow up. We can abhor the actions in the countries you listed AND, (crazy I know!) abhor the invasion of a sovereign country which is currently happening.


Charles cares about small business? That’s a joke, right, Chuckles?


"Buy on the cannons, sell on the trumpets." - old Wall Street adage

War is good business. Always has been. American merchants made out like bandits in WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. Like bandits. On the taxpayer's dime. What do you think this is all about, anyway? Human loss?! Get real, collateral damage... there's money to be made here! Putin's just pissed he's not getting a big enough share from it... This is all gangster capitalism, in end-stage human life (and others) on the planet we're killing.


"What the fuck happened? Why wasn't there a dip?"

"Global stocks plunged after President Vladimir Putin launched an invasion of Ukraine [...]
European stocks tumbled on Thursday. The FTSE 100 fell 3.9% in London, while France's CAC 40 dropped 3.8% and Germany's DAX 30 shed 4%. Russian stocks crashed, with the country's main index dropping 45% before recovering some losses and closing 33% lower. US stocks fell sharply. The Nasdaq Composite declined 0.2%, opening the day in bear-market territory. The Dow sank 1.9%, or 675 points. The S&P 500 fell 1.2%." (

Yeah, the stock markets were really "digging," all right. That's how they wound up in those holes. They rebounded on the hope of peace:

"US stocks were higher after Russia said it is ready to send representatives to talk with Kyiv."

We now return you to your "war is always good for capitalism" theme, already in progress.


What a depressing day.

Rest in peace, Xerxes, aka, Simba.

The world is so fucked up!! I do not know what else to add. ;(


Where has anyone abhored or put any news into the bombing and murder of any of the groups I mentioned?
There has been no media attention. Because Tigray does not matter, Yemens and Armenians do not matter, Syrians only matter when they are inconvenient refugees.
@13 these are ongoing genocides of the last year and a half.
I support Ukraine, but I am disgusted by how white tragedy is the only kind that gets front page headlines (and sanctions).


@13 Afrin is the site of some especially gnarly Turkish war crimes recently.


@20 joerockhead: Stop it, already! You and your ilk are as sick as my ex-husband.
War does NOT "stimulate the economy", it wrecks it! Not to mention billions of dollars in senseless property damage and loss of lives. War profiteering should be criminalized.
And don't give me any bullshit about anything "trickling down" to the people negatively impacted by war, either. Mr. Capitalist Stooge. If you're among those who find "glory" in war, you're not among those serving our divided country, in combat, losing limbs, family, and loved ones while getting killed in action. Those serving who are not in combat are effected just as greatly by the high stress and fatigue. Stop listening to Cadet Bone Spurs, the Orange Turd and get a fucking CLUE!

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