I think this is the West Seattle Bridge. Never been on it.
I think this is the West Seattle Bridge. Never been on it. ELIZABETH LARA / GETTY IMAGES

The war: If you don’t want to hear about the cruel and unnecessary loss of life, I’d suggest you’d skip this part. But, I do think it is important to acknowledge the human cost of war on ordinary people.

Hours ago, as Russian forces closed in on the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, officials urged residents to make Molotov cocktails to “neutralize the occupier.”

When two powers fight, the working class loses: Independent Journalist Thomas Van Linge shared an image of a missile in the middle of a neighborhood earlier this morning. He’s updating constantly, and, from what I’ve seen, he’s not bothsidesing this shit.

Okay, one more tweet and then I’ll be done:

If you frequent the Seattle Times, it is posting a lot of real time updates from the AP. Just paper-of-record things :)

Also Ukrainians in Seattle rallied Thursday at the University of Washington to express their rage and to collectively mourn. Here’s the story.

Screw the West Seattle Bridge! The locals are very worried about workers not bowing to the bosses and accepting working conditions they do not like. The worry is not that their bosses are unwilling to negotiate a fair trade, but that the strike effort is delaying the construction of the West Seattle Bridge. I linked an anti-worker article from KIRO 7 that blamed the strike for 15,000 layoffs and the skyrocketing cost of home projects in King County (housing crisis who?) instead of the employers who refuse to pay them a fair wage for the work that is clearly so instrumental to our community. Cringe.

I’m on one today idk here’s the weather: SUN SUN SUN SUN. Very exciting forecast today. Expect a sunny Friday with temperatures soaring to the mid-40s. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but I’m pretty stoked.

For a moment I forgot about COVID-19: With the war and leaders preemptively signaling an end to the pandemic by lifting so many COVID-19 measures, I almost forgot that COVID-19 is still literally killing thousands every day across the nation. Here’s some local charts from King County Public Health for your viewing displeasure:

Screenshot From King County Public Health

Screenshot From King County Public Health

screenshot from king county Public Health

Cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are on a decline from a very scary surge, but the level of transmission is still classified as high.

ICYMI: In a Wednesday press conference, student-athletes from Rainier Beach High School alleged that their ranking in the upcoming 3A State Basketball Tournament is lower than it should be, and that some private schools in the area have higher seedings than they should.

The student athletes do not seem surprised by this ranking from the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association. According to the South Seattle Emerald, a student-athlete and representative from the NAACP Youth Council said this discrimination was a pattern from the association.

Biden FINALLY picks the justice: President Joe Biden will nominate Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to replace liberal Justice Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court. If the Senate confirms the pick, she'll be the first Black woman to serve on the Court.

Hard to find anything online that indicates she’s an anarchist or a Pete Buttigieg (he’s somehow the opposite in my head), but here’s some highlights from Jackson’s long legal career. [Eds note: According to ABC, she'd be the first federal public defender on the Court, which would place her closer to the anarchist side of the spectrum.]

Fuck yes, Chehalis tribes: Next week, The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation are going to start distilling their own spirits. But it was not as easy as opening a micro-brewery in North Seattle. The tribes fought long and hard with the big guys at the federal government to repeal a super anti-indigenious law from 1834 that made the manufacturing of liquor in “Indian Country” illegal. Crosscut’s got the story.

SPD staffing: It looks like SPD will ALMOST hit their budgeted staffing plan. The department is projected to miss the mark by about 10 cops – and miss the mark for other reasons, but hey. But 10 cops is high-key a lot of money (maybe not to the city, but to me, goddammit). Once cops are sworn in, their salary is over $80,000.

I live-tweeted some about the cops presenting SPD’s 2021 Year End Staffing Report to the City Council, but Capitol Hill Seattle Blog has a nice story with lots of pictures!

Elden Ring, because you nerds won’t give me peace: Like many innocent, young gfs across the globe, I was all but single last night due to the release of Elden Ring, an open-world action roleplaying game designed by someone who Matt described as "the Guillermo Del Toro of gaming." This analogy did not really help me as I had to look up movies by that guy.

Anyway, I got an exclusive interview with a dedicated gamer, my boyfriend. He said two hours into the game, Elden Ring is living up to expectations, though he does not personally love the open-world design. When asked if he’d rather play Elden Ring or “get bitches,” he declined to comment.